how to reset Trane thermostat?

Trane is a leading manufacturer of household stoves, heat pumps, other heating devices like HVAC systems, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and sells various wall-mounted thermostats for home appliances. Almost all Trane thermostats are manufactured by Honeywell, they are simply repackaged and renamed Trane. They are programmed digitally in the same way as similar Honeywell thermostats.

If you found a problem with the HVAC digital system, reset the thermostat first. as same as personal electronic devices such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones, these devices sometimes need to be restarted or reboot. This is exactly right if the thermostat is turned on after a sudden power outage, or when you leave town and your child’s behavior causes unnecessary climate changes in the house.
There are 2 methods to reset the Trane thermostat in our list that we are sharing here in the article.

Reset Trane thermostat

Here, we are going to reset the programmable Trane thermostat step by step.

  • The first thing you must need to do to reset any digital electronic device is that turn off the device. So, you will do the same here to start the process. Turn off the Trane thermostat.
  • You have to wait for 30 seconds or 1 minute before you turn on again the Trane programmable thermostat. Now, you should turn on the thermostat in either cool or heat mode.
  • Well, now reset the temperature in the thermostat according to your need and wait till the system will alert you by beeping the sound for turning on.
  • If you cannot feel or hear the airflow, move closer to the control box or circuit breaker box.
  • Locate the HVAC system circuit. If it works, return to the on position.
  • If you found it already in the “on” position, you should try by turning it to the “off” position and then back turning the “on” position.
  • At the moment, restart the Trane thermostat again by turning it off and after that turning on simply using the power button.
  • To complete the final step of the reset process set the temperature of the Trane thermostat and you have done it.

Reset Trane thermostat for a heat pump system

  • Start the Trane thermostat and move to “Installer Settings” which you will locate On the main thermostat screen. Here, you have to press the menu button on the Trane thermostat.
  • Now, in the second step you have to set the type of outdoor unit.
  • Adjust the step length of the outdoor unit stages.
  • After setting up the outdoor unit and outdoor stages, Configure the indoor unit.
  • Also, with these settings check whether other settings are fine and properly working.
  • In the last step go to the main screen again and you have reset the heat pump system for the Trane thermostat.


Here, as we have explained above you can reset Trane programmable thermostat via 2 methods. You can use anyone to reset it. If one will not work for you then you should try another one.