How to reset whirlpool duet dryer

A whirlpool dryer can perform many operations like controlling moisture and temperature and removing wrinkles effectively by the periodic tumbling process. According to the type of cloth, it adjusts the overall drying time.
The working process of the machine may get affected due to many reasons which can make the work so long and less effective.

When it occurs, the machine shows a message to reset it for proper working again. The resetting of this machine with the reset button provided with it needs some essential steps to complete the task easily.

To operate effectively, dryers consume a huge amount of energy thus the instruments and parts need proper maintenance. Sometimes improper maintenance or operation may affect the working of the machine by damaging its internal parts. Any dysfunctionality of the circuit or fuse may affect the working efficiency and need to replace the parts immediately.
You are required to replace or reset the damaged fuses or other parts to perform power resetting of the machine.
The machine shows some messages when problems occur which require different reset processes according to the message.
The messages and steps to reset are as follow-

Does not run:
    • Step 1: inspect the blown fuses and circuit breakers then replace fuses and reset the tripped breakers.

If the problem occurs again then you must get help from an electrician.

  • Step 2: The dryer door should be closed otherwise it will not work efficiently.
  • Step 3: Press the START button for 5 seconds or more.
Error Codes:
  • Step 1: Inspect the message shown on the display of the dryer to get error codes.
  • Step 2: Press the START button and keep holding it for some time until the message appears on the display. If the message is ‘PF’ then it means that power failure occurred during the operation.
  • Step 3: If the error is shown starts with the letter ‘E’ then you must call a service technician as the dryer needs service.
  • Step 1: Inspect buttons and small objects in the dryer and remove or tight them properly before starting the operation.
  • Try to level the dryer by turning the legs clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Step 3: Remove the tangled cloth as it creates a vibrating sound while tumbling.