How to restart Pokémon ruby GBA?

There are two methods to do to know that how to restart Pokémon ruby GBA.
We can do this by proper method and if we want to restart the Pokémon ruby quickly then we can also use the cheat code method.


By cheat method-

We only have to do is that to press “A+B+START+SELECT” at one time and the Pokémon GBA will also restart. This is a very simple and quick method.

By proper gaming method-

It is also a very simple method as follows: While starting the game when we see the main menu option, we do not have to select the existing game option instead of doing that we need to select the option of “New game” and after that, the game will restart with no existing progress. And you can rewrite all the new progress.
So these are the two steps to know that how to restart Pokémon ruby GBA.

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