HP stream laptop reset without password

All security features appear very fantastic however in case you are the usage of a totally complicated password and frequently alternate it, then it’s miles feasible that sooner or later while you input your password, you spot a message at the display indicating that the password you entered isn’t correct.

This is probably a totally annoying second in view that without typing the proper password, you won’t be capable of getting admission to your working system. Definitely, you’ll search for a way to manufacturing facility reset HP stream laptop and as a result, you get some of the solutions. So, in case you are seeking out a manufacturing facility reset the HP stream laptop without a password. Well, we have found some approaches to hard reset the HP stream laptop without a password.

HP stream laptop bios reset without password

We will use here recovery environments method to reset the HP stream laptop without password. Now, don’t be confuse with without password option. Just read the tutorial guide, you will get all things in your mind in no time.

In simple meanings, you will use this method to reset the HP stream laptop when you forgot the password of your laptop device or you have bought it from someone else and you don’t know the password. In the next minute, you will factory reset the whole HP laptop without login in into it. 

  • If your laptop is on then Turn off it before you do anything.
  • If you have connected any external devices with your HP stream via USB cable, HDMI port, or audio port laptop then you must have to disconnect it. It can cause some trouble while hard resetting the HP stream laptop.
  • Restart your laptop again and press the F11 key on your laptop. If you don’t see any changes on the screen then press the F11 key again till the screen changes.
  • On the screen of the HP stream laptop, you will see some options with the top “Choose the option”. From these options choose Troubleshoot option.
  • designed the Reset this PC option.
  • On the screen, 2 options will be seen to you. “Erase everything” and “Keep my files”. Here, you have to select the choice from both options according to your requirements.
  • If you need the files which are inside your HP stream laptop then choose the option “Keep my files” and click on “Reset”.

  • In case, if you want to remove all data and want to reset to its default settings then you can choose the option “Erase everything“.
  • In the ninth step click on Only the Drive Where Windows is Installed.
  • Here, you will find some options. If you want to clean all the files from your HP stream laptop then click on “All Drives”. To delete only personal files, click on “Just Remove My Files”. Furthermore, you can select the option of “Fully Clean the Drive”.
  • In the end, press or click on “reset” on your HP Stream laptop screen.