Instagram Addiction

Why people are getting addict to Instagram?

Nowadays, many people especially teenagers are experiencing Instagram addiction. This happens because of the attractive features of Instagram. Instagram is not only to post photos and texting our friends. Many new types of features are coming day by day on Instagram like reels, photo and video filters, and Instagram Tv.

So, these types of features are attracting many people. By using Instagram now everyone is forgetting the real world and going to the reel world where they have the competition of posting reels and photos. We can say that people are taking so much pressure to post some perfect reels and posts.

Many people are also using Instagram for making their personal brand more and more famous. But, for doing this also they are taking so much pressure to create perfect contents that they will put on Instagram. Some other reasons for which also people are becoming so addicted to Instagram is that they are taking Instagram followers and following works too seriously.

Like when they followed someone and then they except others also to follow them back. So, these all were the main reasons due to which we can say that Instagram is so addictive or people are experiencing this addiction.

Benefits and harms of Instagram


Instagram is not only the way of getting stressed by the competition of posting more beautiful and awesome reels and photos. We can also use Instagram for our business and advertisement purpose. One thing is very clear to us that Instagram has so much potential to reach millions of viewers or users. So, if anyone has to grow his/her business and brand then Instagram can help in many ways:

  • If they will create some impressive and informational content about their work then they can reach so many people to join their business.
  • Once they will find the audience who are liking their content then they can easily target a selected audience.
  • There are also many digital and visual features provided on Instagram through which people can analyze their business reach.
  • As Instagram is so additive many people search for the products and services on Instagram anytime. So, they will find the services which they want.
  • The person who has to grow his business just needs to create the content generated for the users.

There are many more benefits of Instagram. Like it helps the struggling actors to increase their popularity. They can reach so many people if they have some talent. By showcasing their talents many people can get famous and make their own brand. Now, in other ways, YouTubers who want to promote their YouTube channel can also do this through Instagram. They just need to promote their channel and videos by posting their content in short form through the reels and Instagram Tv.
So, these all were the benefits of using Instagram. Now let’s talk about,


When Instagram was developed at that time, there were not many features that are coming now day by day. Because of many new features like Instagram reels and Instagram stories people are getting so much addicted. This addiction is getting very harmful for them in many different ways:

  • When you follow someone, who is known to you and in back they don’t follow you. In this situation, you take it too seriously on your status and because of this, you get stressed and angry.
  • If someone uploads some awesome posts about his or her vacations or party then by seeing that post also, we feel jealous sometimes. Like they are having fun and we are still working in our office.
  • Nowadays new feature of Instagram reels is getting popular. To make a perfect video people are doing many dangerous things to impress the viewers.
  • Like many teenagers are doing things like making videos on tracks, rivers and these could also be very dangerous for their life. Remember one thing that our lives are more important than Instagram or Facebook.
  • Using Instagram can also affect our body and other habits. Like when we use Instagram for many hours then our eyes are also gets affected. We also get least interested in the real world and just use the mobile phone the whole day.

So, these were the harms that are happening to many of us due to Instagram.

How we can be less addicted to Instagram and save our time to utilize on other works?

There are many ways by using which we can be less addicted to Instagram and save our time to utilize on other works:

  • The first thing we can do is that we have to turn off the alerts and notifications for Instagram. By doing this we will not get notifications from Instagram and we will not open it always.
  • When we are doing some other work at that time, we have to turn off the data of our mobile phone.
  • Instead of making content and videos for posting we can go outside to hang out or play outdoor games. This will help us to be more engaged in the real world.
  • We need to keep this thing in mind that we should only use Instagram for texting purpose and not for posting or scrolling. If we are unable to do this from Instagram then we must need to switch up to other apps. For example, WhatsApp or any other messenger.
  • At last, if we can stop opening our mobile phone more often then this will also be beneficial for us.

Note: We should know about the cause for which we are using Instagram and whether it is helping us or not. If it is harming us then we need to change the way of using Instagram.