How to factory reset a mac mini m1?

Obviously, mac is the expensive and popular brand in the whole world and it provides service according to their product’s rate to the users. The product is expensive that doesn’t mean it never crashes. So, when a problem occurs you have to factory reset a mac mini m1. There can be other reasons also to factory reset a mac min m1 such as you are selling it or giving it to your family member or colleagues.

This tutorial explains in detail how to reset your Mac mini m1 and restore it to its original factory settings. If you reset your Mac mini to master settings, it will erase all personal data on your Mac’s hard disk and then reinstall the macOS system software on your mac mini m1.
It will be completely deleted from the computer, and the computer will get a new original version of the Mac OS system software and reset it as if your mac mini was new.
Here, some different methods according to the situations. You have to find first where you stuck, what is your problem, and which method I should follow.

how to factory reset a mac mini 2020 with windows keyboard

It seems to happen you don’t want to use the mac keyboard to factory reset then we have a choice to use the windows keyboard. It’s very easy to use a Windows keyboard with the Mac mini for the factory reset.

  • Restart your mac mini or simply turn on it.
  • Now, connect the windows keyboard via USB cable.
  • Look for the windows key + R on the windows keyboard. Press and hold the power button on mac mini + windows key + R (on the keyboard) until you see a mac mini utility dialogue box on the screen.
  • Here, you have to use utility options to format mac mini. You will find erase option to factory reset mac mini click on it and follow the on-screen instruction.
  • Once, you will complete the factory reset exit from the utility dialogue box.
  • At last, you have to install Mac OS again on your machine. So, choose the Mac OS option from the utility dialogue box and install it by following the instructions given on the screen.

It is not possible to reset a mac mini without the keyboard. Either you can use an external mac keyboard or a windows keyboard. If you use mac keyboard then on the boot screen you have to press the command + R keys and if you use the Windows keyboard then you have to press windows key + R simultaneously.
So, this the way to factory reset mac if the default keyboard of mac is unresponsive.

how to factory reset a mac mini without password

Might you forgot the password of the Mac mini or you have bought the mac mini from someone else then you can factory reset it without the password. You don’t need to open it we will reset it in the recovery mode.

  • Shut down your Mac mini if it’s turned on.
  • At the moment, simply press the Power button on the mac mini while holding the Command + R key on your Mac keyboard.
  • Don’t release the Command + R keys until the logo of Apple appears on the screen.
  • On the screen, to open the utility dialogue box in mac mini select the Disk Utility option and click on the Continue.
  • Now, click on Utilities and then Terminal.
  • You found that the terminal is opened on the screen. Simply write or copy-paste “reset password” on the terminal and to continue press the enter. Make sure you are writing the same which is given in inverted comma otherwise it will show you an error.
  • Select the account which you want to format. Generally, it is your main drive.
  • Select the account to change the password and enter a new password. Furthermore, you have to enter a password hint also and click on the next arrow button.
  • You will be informed by a pop-up menu for the password reset and now you have to restart your mac computer.
    Login to your mac mini m1 with a new password and enjoy it.

how to factory reset a mac mini 2009 and 2011

To factory reset mac mini 2009 or 2011 model you have to insert a disc to install the mac OS system after resetting it. Follow our guide we have explained each step correctly.

  • First, switch off your Mac computer and Insert the Mac OS X Install disc.
  • Now, restart the mac mini and hold the C key on the keyboard of the Mac mini 2009.
  • Once, the computer starts fully from the disc you have to select the Disk Utility Installer menu which you find at the top of the computer screen.
  • If it asks you to select your language then you have to select it before the second step.
  • Now, simply click on the erase tab and complete the factory reset.
  • It’s time to boot your computer again.

This is the warning from our side. Rather you will use any method from the above, you will lose all the data which is inside the hard drive of the Mac mini m1 computer. So, be careful and take a backup before you perform the factory reset operation.