reset Apple pencil

How to reset Apple pencil

Mostly, the Apple pencil works fine but it is also one of the technical devices. Rather, you buy any device of premium quality, that doesn’t mean you will not face issues while using it. A common problem that comes with every Bluetooth device is the connectivity issue. Due to low signal Bluetooth devices can’t do work perfectly. So, you have to check that what is the issue and find their related solution.
Here, we will guide you to reset Apple pencil. After, that you will be able to solve the common trouble with your Apple pencil while connecting it with another device.

Troubleshoot with your Apple pencil and find the problem.

When you factory reset the Apple pencil, you have to set it again and connect with all the devices again. So, before you go into the last section of this guide, you should follow this section to find the exact problem and solution for that.

  • If your Apple pencil is suddenly stopped working then you should check the battery status to ensure that the battery percentage of the Apple pencil is not drained to zero. You can check the battery status of the Apple pencil on the notification section of your iPad and if you do not find it there then you can try to reconnect it after charging for some time. After charging check that it is a battery problem or other. To troubleshoot other problems go to the next step.
  • Also, try to remove glitches from the app by restarting it.
  • Moreover, you should try once by rebooting the iPad if the above 2 steps don’t work for you.
  • At last, you should check the Bluetooth status of your device which is on or off.

If the above 4 steps don’t work fine then go to reset the Apple pencil which will definitely help you to figure out the solution for the unknown problem.

Restart apple pencil 2

To restart or reset Apple pencil, you have to simply navigate to the Bluetooth section of your iPad and forgot the Apple pencil, and reconnect it. The process is quite simple as you read the first sentence.

  • Charge enough your Apple pencil.
  • Make sure you are connecting the Apple pencil properly with your iPad. To connect the Apple pencil of the 2nd generation, center it on the magnetic connector of the iPad at the right edge. For 1st generation, Apple pencil, remove the cap from it connect to lightning connector.
  • Now, navigate to the settings -> Bluetooth. Find the list of previously connected devices and locate the Apple pencil. Tap on the I button next to the Apple pencil and forgot the device.
  • Now, repair it again with your iPad.

Change the settings of the Apple pencil

If you want to customize the settings of the Apple pencil then this section will be helpful for you.
Move to the settings menu of the iPad after connecting the Apple pencil with it properly.
Choose the Accessibility option and move to the Apple pencil menu.
Here, you can customize the all settings which you want such that tap gesture and duration of gesture.