How to reset Apple TV

Apple is the most popular brand in the world for smartphones, computers, TV, tablets, iPods, and smartwatch, etc. Here, we will take a look at the reset process of Apple TV. Mainly, there is a minimum chance to occur error but some time system update failure, you face the normal issues. To sort out normal bugs, you can reset Apple TV.
One of the best ways to reset the Apple is that Unplug the power cord from the wall power socket and wait for 60 seconds. Plugin the cord again and start the TV using the remote. In most cases, you will able to solve the problem with a simple soft reset. If a particular part of the TV doesn’t respond then you can see below sections of this guide.

Reset the Apple tv remote

Sometimes, you can’t able to control your Apple Tv from the remote, which means the TV works fine but the remote doesn’t work properly. So, you have to reset the TV remote manually.

  • To flush the memory of the remote, we have to unlink it from the TV.
  • Press and hold the Menu + Left button on the Apple TV remote. Hold it for 6 seconds after that you will see an image of the remote on your TV screen.
  • Now, the remote is disconnected from the TV successfully. Next, you have to connect the remote with the TV again.
  • To connect the remote with the Apple TV, press the Menu + Right button together and hold until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • Try to control your TV with the remote as you have connected the remote again.

Reset Apple TV without remote

In case, if you lost the remote of the Apple TV then you can factory reset the Apple TV using the iTunes software.

  • First, unplug all cables such as the power cord, box connection cable from Apple TV and make it ready for to factory reset process.
  • Launch iTunes on the computer device and log in with the Apple id and password.
  • Join the Apple TV with the computer which has iTunes installed using the original USB cable of the Apple brand.
  • Locate the Apple TV icon from the list of the devices and navigate to the Summary tab.
  • Next, move to the “Apple TV” > “Restore Apple TV“.
  • At last, you have to follow the on-screen instructions to start the master reset operation.

When you reset it using iTunes, it will remove all lock and passcode. So, you can also reset Apple TV password using this method.

Reset Apple TV box

Resetting the Apple TV box means that we will reset the whole Apple TV same as we reset the smartphone and .other iOS devices. Steps are different but the process is the same.

  • Open the settings menu on the Apple TV using the remote.
  • Now, move to the System tab. Here, to only reset the Apple TV box and TV click on the Reset option.
  • If you found that a system update is available for your Apple TV then you can click on the Reset and update option which will reset the Apple TV box.

However, if you want to reset Apple app, you have to perform the above same steps. So, you can reset the Apple TV from the TV menu or the Apple TV app. But make sure that this process will erase all content and disconnect your Apple TV from all accounts so that you have to reconfigure all things.

Summing up thoughts

Before you factory reset the Apple TV, check that what is the issue. If you found an issue with the remote, you don’t need to reset the TV but you can check the battery of the remote and perform the instructions given in this guide.