reset boat Air dopes 381

How to reset boat Air dopes 381

When we talk about the brand of any audio device then we listen to the boat in the ear most of the time. The boat makes every single product that gives the audio output. Boat Aire dopes 381 is also a unique product launched by the boat company with lots of features. Instead of using the headphone of large size, we can use small Air dopes and also carry the Air dopes you do not need extra space into your bag. You can carry it on into your pocket also due to its very small size. However, Air dopes give better audio quality than some boat headphones.
Boat Air dopes 381 is also an electronic device. So, you also face the issue in it rather the product quality is good. Here, we have a full guide to solve the issues in the Boat Air dopes 381. We will reset boat Air dopes 381 using the beneath quick steps.

Soft reset boat Air dopes 381 (smart power off)

When you face the issues like Air dopes are not able to connect with Bluetooth device or one side working only then try to sort out it using the smart power off boat Air dopes 381.

  • Due to the smart power-on feature in the boat Air dopes 381, it will automatically turn on when you will take out it from the charging case.
  • Now, after using the Air dopes put again into the charging case.
  • When you put both Air dopes in the charging case, the red LED light will blink. It means that your Air dopes are properly charging. When Air dopes 381 remains in the charging case it automatically turns off due to smart power-off mode.
  • You can also power off manually boat Air dopes 381. When your earbuds are on, press CTC on your earbuds for the 5 seconds it will turn off, and now you can put it into the charging case.

This process of soft reset can solve many normal problems. If your device is not in scan mode or the red / Blue LED light is not blinking then simply follow the above steps which is the solution to your problem.

Factory reset boat Air dopes 381

Might soft reset or smart power off can’t solve the all issue in your boat Air dopes 381. The solution to some rare problems is that reset Boat Air dopes 381 to its factory default settings.

  • If you are using the Air dopes then disconnect it from your Bluetooth device and put it into the charging case.
  • After putting the ear bids inside the charging case, press and hold CTC for 10 to 12 seconds. You have to wait until the red and purple LED light will blink.
  • At the moment, take out the Air dopes 381 from the charging case and wait till red and blue LED light will blink.
  • If the red and blue LED light does not blink after taking out the boat Air dopes from the charging case then you should try again to factory reset. you should start from 2nd step to factory reset again.