how to reset boat Air dopes 511?

Are you suffering or troubleshooting with the boat Air dopes 511? Are you facing the issue of connecting or pairing the boat Air dopes 511 to your mobile, laptop, or tablet device? Sometimes it also happens that from your boat Air dopes 511 sound does not come properly due to the low frequency of the signal. This all is a common problem in the Air dopes. So, you do not need to take much stress in your brain.

At below article, we will go through the step by step instruction and guidance to solve all issues and common problems which you are facing with it. We simply factory reset boat Air dopes 511. That will sort out the all issue.

Factory reset boat Air dopes 511

Only follow these steps if you have any issue with the boat Air dopes 11. Once, you go through by performing all operations it will reset the Boat Air dopes 511 to its manufacturer’s default settings.

  • Make sure you have charged the charging case of boat Air dopes 511. Take the earbuds and put them into the charging case so it will start charging.
  • Simply press and hold the MFB for 5 seconds while earbuds in the charging case. Wait till the orange/white light will blink in the boat Air dopes 511.
  • Now, let go of the MFB and release your fingers.
  • It’s time to take out both earbuds from the charging case. When you take out both the earbuds from the charging case, you will be able to see an orange / white light blinking on the right earbuds. It proves that both right and left earbuds are paired.
  • Once both earbuds will pair with each other, You can connect them with any Bluetooth device.
  • If you are not able to solve the issue still then you should try the once again factory reset method which might be helpful for you.

If orange / white light is blinking in the earbuds then your earbuds working fine. Now, you should check the Bluetooth of the device with you are connecting earbuds. It might happen that your device’s Bluetooth is trouble while connecting the earbuds. Once try turning off and again turning on the Bluetooth of the device.

You can also check your earbuds by connecting them with another device. So, you can really know where is the problem either inside the Bluetooth of the device or in the earbuds.