reset GE AHQ06LZ

How to reset GE AHQ06LZ Air Conditioner ?

Before knowing the process that how to reset GE AHQ06LZ air conditioner, WE must know that how It works,

How it works

  • The compressor becomes the heat and the part of the unit becomes cool when the heat absorbed into the unit.
  • A compressor raises the refrigerant temperature by avoiding outside air.
  • Heat is transferred o the outside
  • The inside compressor gets the cool automatically by using the fan, and it repeats the same.
  • Till the room temperature becomes cooler, the condenser turns the refrigerant vapour back into liquid, removing heat.

How to reset GE AHQ06LZ conditioner?

  • Shut it off
  • First, turn off the air condition before resetting the thermostat, this is an important step for safety to continue.
  • Next, find the circuit breaker box.
  • When the circuit breaker is connected to the unit, wait 30 seconds or 60 seconds
  • And turn off the circuit breaker for a full minute.
  • After waiting 30 sec turn it on, and start.

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