How to eset Hisense 55-Inch Class H9 Quantum Series TV password

There are numerous circumstances that reason your 55-Inch Class H9 Quantum Series tv to be hindered or blocked. One reason to be locked your HISENSE smart TV is some technical issues and errors. Should you need to reset Hisense Class H9 Quantum series TV if you forgot the password? Or there is another option available to reset it. You will get an answer in the next 3 paragraphs.
Furthermore, you may have recovered a TV from a store or anywhere they set a password and now you can’t know it. For this situation, it is locked in “hotel” or “hospital” mode. The last one is that you purchased a utilized HISENSE class H9 Quantum series TV and a secret word is as yet saved money on it.
In every one of these cases, we are here to assist you with tackling your concern.
You need to hard reset or factory reset if you have forgotten the password of the Hisense smart TV. There is no other option to unlock it. So, let’s move to factory reset your Hisense smart TV.

How to factory/master reset Hisense 55-Inch Class H9 Quantum Series tv

While performing the factory reset you will lose all settings which you have done into it manually. Also, you will lose the installed application and data stored in it. However, you have to factory reset your smart TV if you forgot the password in any condition. You have not other option.
Follow the steps that we have provided below in this tutorial.

  • Turn on your Hisense smart TV by pressing the power button from the remote control.
  • Now, you have to open the settings menu for that press the settings button.
  • Scroll down using arrow buttons and select the “About TV ” option. Press the “Ok” button on the remote controller to enter the About tv sub-menu.
  • Next, you have to select “Restore To Factory Default” in about TV sub-menu and press the “ok” button from the remote controller.
  • Now, select “Reset or Yes” and press the “Ok” button to start factory reset finally. Just, confirm that factory reset on your Hisense smart Tv is started. You have to wait till a welcome message appears on your TV screen.

After the factory reset operation completed, turn on your Hisense smart Tv again and reset all things from basic steps. Moreover, reconnect all devices again after disconnecting them. So, it will refresh your gadgets and you will be able to overcome the problem.


When resetting your Hisense Smart TV, it’s far recommended to take note of the time. For example, while doing a power cycle, waiting for a few moments earlier than plugging the TV again to electricity is vital. Also, the use of the unique Hisense remote control is recommended, no matter whether or not your Smart TV is an old model or not.