reset iPad air

reset iPad air

If you remember the password of the iPad Air or iPad Air 2, you can erase all data and perform a factory reset from the settings menu of the iPad Air or iPad air 2. If you have entered the incorrect password too many times then you can reset the iPad Air or iPad Air 2 screen lock using iTunes software on your computer.
However, you have already taken the backup of the all data of your iPad, it will show you a pop-up message to restore previously stored data and manual settings when you log in again after successful completion of the factory reset.

Hard reset iPad air using iTunes

This process will take you to reset frozen iPad Air or iPad Air 2 using the iTunes software. It also helps you to reset iPad air 2 when disabled. When the iPad will disable, it only shows you either the Apple logo or black screen but can’t come out from the boot screen.

  • First, you must have iTunes software on your computer and a stable internet connection on your computer.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes software. If you are using the Mac OS then it has already installed iTunes but doesn’t forget to update it for the latest version. For Windows OS you can download it from the Microsoft store and for Linux, You can find it on the official website of Apple.
  • You have to install it on your computer even though you are using any operating system and open it.
  • Recall your Apple account id and password and use it to sign in to the iTunes software.
  • Next, turn off your iPad Air or iPad Air 2 using the power button.
  • At this step, hold the home button and connect the iPad Air with the computer which has iTunes software opened using the charging cable or another USB cable. Make sure you have held the home button while connecting the iPad to the computer. After connecting it you can release the home button and you can see the recovery mode started on the iPad Air.
  • Next, iTunes will automatically launch the iPad on your computer and you will see the option to update and restore the iPad Air 2.
  • Now, tap on the restore button and it will take some time to restore so keep waiting without closing the iTunes.
  • When it will show that the factory reset process is completed then you will see your brand new iPad Air. Now, you have to reinstall system apps and restore all the data from where you have taken the backup of it.

Summing up thoughts

Obviously, iPad Air and iPad Air 2 have the same process to hard reset. By using the iTunes software, you can reset the iPad Air 2 without the restriction of the password.
The iTunes will install the recovery software to your iPad so it will take some time to connect and reset the device. If you have remembered the passcode of the Apple device then you can simply reset it from the settings menu.