How to reset iPad pro

Restore to default system your iPad pro can sort out the many problems. However, you want to pass it to another person then this is the right way to erase all your personal information with a single click. One reason to factory reset the iPad pro is that you need to reset it for full storage by removing the worst data stored inside it.
Here, we have 3 different methods to reset the iPad pro. Let us explain one by one.

How to reset iPad pro without computer

Well, We can reset the iPad pro from the settings menu of the device. We don’t need any external device like a computer and iPhone. Before you use this method, you must have a password for the iPad.

  • Turn on the iPad pro using the power key given on the side.
  • Now, find the Settings icon on the iPad and tap on it to open it.
  • Move to the General menu and inside the General, menu move to the Reset. (General -> reset).
  • At this step, select the Erase all content and settings option.
  • Simply, press on the Erase iPad. Now, you have to confirm that you really want to factory reset your iPad.
  • After some time you will find that your whole data remove from the iPad when it will restart. You will see an original screen. It means the factory reset operation is completed.

How to reset iPad pro using iTunes

When your iPad is frozen or crashed, you should factory reset the iPad pro to set the default settings. You should check once that your computer has enough RAM memory to execute iTunes software. Otherwise, Your computer will be sluggish due to the use of iTunes.
In addition, if you use the memory of the computer by running other software and games then iTunes will not get sufficient memory. It can create another problem for your computer. So, if you don’t want to be a part of this kind of problem then You should go to the next section to reset the iPad Pro.

  • First, you have to connect the iPad to your personal computer.
  • Now, open or launch the iTunes software to your computer.
  • In iTunes, You will find the iPad icon in the upper left corner. Click on that icon.
  • On the screen, you will see all the information about the iPad. At the below information, you will find the Restore iPad button and tap on it.
  • Here, iTunes will ask you for the backup. If you have not taken the backup of the device then you can take it otherwise move ahead to continue with the process.
  • After successful confirmation from your side via iTunes, you have to select the Restore and update option to wipe all data and make it new. While resetting the iPad, it will reboot, and once the process will complete you see the home screen on the iPad pro.

In this method, you have to connect your iPad only via a USB cable. After that, you are not touching the iPad pro. So, you can use this method to reset iPad pro when you forgot the password or forgot the apple id password. Furthermore, this method also helps to reset iPad pro when locked out. It many times happens that at your home kid or another person trying to open the iPad pro but due to many wrong attempts it is a lock. Well, if any problem occurs with iTunes and your computer memory is not sufficient then you can go to the next section.

How to reset iPad pro without touching screen

Here, we will use Apple’s official Find my iPhone feature to hard reset the iPad pro without touching the screen. Here, you don’t need the password of the iPad pro but you must have your apple account id and password. Otherwise, you will not able to sign in to your apple account and find your device. However, to unlock iPad pro without a password, you have to use iTunes or any other third-party software.

  • Open the web browser on any other device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Make sure you have a proper internet connection to continue with this method.
  • Search for the Find My iPhone and go to the official website of Apple.
  • Now, on the right sidebar click on the All devices.
  • Here, you will find all your Apple devices and select the iPad which you want to factory reset.
  • On the screen, you will see various options for your iPad Pro but you have to select the Erase iPad option. It will start the wipe all data after a single confirmation message.
  • It never asks you for the passcode of the iPad pro.
  • So, we have 3 methods to reset the iPad pro to default settings. Each method will work in a different situation.