reset iPhone 11

How to reset iPhone 11

iPhone 11 works wee but sometimes it becomes dirty due to normal glitches. When iPhone 11 becomes unresponsive and doesn’t work on your command then you can reset iPhone 11. Also, if you found that iPhone 11 is stuck in the rebooting loop and you are not able to come out from then the reset option is very useful for everyone.
However, you can perform the factory reset operation on your iPhone 11 if you find a black screen issue. Next is the last reason but not least to format your iPhone 11. Due to a system update if you find a software glitch on the new version of the IOS of the device then you can restore the device to its previous version of IOS and try to update it again.

Reset iPhone 11 camera settings

You have changed some settings on the camera of iPhone 11 and now Do you want to restore all settings to the default? well, you will find the solution here. It is obvious that for different place same camera settings doesn’t work fine so you have to set it according to location. So, if you start to set camera settings from default then it will be easy to set it.

  • Turn on the iPhone 11 using the power key and open the “Settings” menu from the quick access menu or home screen.
  • Now, go to the “Photos & Camera” section on your iPhone 11 settings menu.
  • Locate the “Preserve Settings” option and tap on it.
  • To restore default settings for the camera app whenever you open it toggle on the switch next to the “Camera mode”.

Now, every while when you will open the camera app, it will remove all the settings done by you previously and set it to the default.

Reset iPhone 11 without an apple id password

If your phone is still responding and you can unlock it then you should use this method to format iPhone 11.

  • Power on the iPhone 11 and unlock it.
  • Now, Launch the settings menu from the home screen on your iPhone 11.
  • Click on the reset option and next tap on the Erase all content and settings. It will remove all apps, media, and other data from your device and make it like when you have purchased it before a minute.
  • It will ask you to enter the passcode of the device to verify the ownership of the device. So, enter the screen password.
  • Next, click on the Erase iPhone to start the process.

Reset iPhone 11 Without password

If you can’t access the settings menu of iPhone 11 due to forgot password then you can use this method. It will not ask you to enter the password or apple account id. You can simply reset iPhone 11 with buttons using the iTunes software or other third-party software.
If you have enabled the Find My Phone feature on your iPhone 11 then you don’t need to enter your Apple id and password otherwise it is required. Don’t worry. You can use other software to reset the device which will not ask you for an Apple id and password.

  • Install and open iTunes on a windows computer or simply open iTunes on your Mac computer because it comes pre-installed.
  • Take a USB charging cable and connect it with your computer on which iTunes is launched.
  • Confirm the verification of your device if needed.
  • After some time, your iPhone 11 will appears on the iTunes screen. Now click on the “Restore iPhone”.
  • Conform for factory reset operation again by pressing on the restore option and it will start the process. It will take some time and automatically restart when the process will complete.