reset iPhone 12 pro max

How to reset iPhone 12 pro max

Nowadays, everyone wants to solve their mobile issues in a couple of minutes and we are here to resolve the issues in iPhone 12 pro max. Generally, there is a very low possibility of occurring the problem in iPhone 12 pro but you have to be ready for any problem.
However, the factory reset operation is not useful only to solve the issue but it is also useful when you want to reset up the whole phone. The master reset process is not reversible and it will remove all the personal data from your device. So, you should take the backup of important data regularly.
Don’t think that when the problem will occur in your phone after that you will take back up and do all things to get data from the phone. But when your phone becomes unresponsive or frozen, it will not open anymore without doing the factory reset. Mainly, these types of problems will not give you to take a backup of the data.
Here, we have some methods to reset iPhone 12 pro max camera and settings.

Reset iPhone 12 pro max camera settings

One simple way to reset the camera settings and all settings of the iPhone 12 pro max phone is hard reset the phone but that is not the solution for only the camera problems. You need to reset only the camera settings and we are going to guide you about that.
iPhone 12 pro max camera comes with lots of advanced features and you can set it according to your need to take a high-quality picture. Rather, sometimes you need to reset all settings or you want default settings then what you will do? well, you can preserve the default settings in the camera of the iPhone 12 pro max. After that every time when you will open the camera app, you will see the default settings in the camera and you can set up it to take good pictures.

  • Obviously, you have to turn on iPhone 12 pro max to set up camera settings.
  • Now, tap on the settings menu on the home screen and move inside that. Next, find the camera and go there.
  • Here, inside the camera section, you will find the Preserve settings option. Tap on it.
  • At this location, you will see toggle buttons for camera mode, live photo, etc. activate or deactivate according to the requirement.

Reset iPhone 12 pro max with iTunes

If you can’t able to remember the passcode of the screen of the iPhone 12 pro max then you can restore the iPhone 12 pro max with iTunes which the software launched by Apple to take backup and hard reset Apple’s phone.

  • Switch off the iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone.
  • Install iTunes on your computer and launch it. Mac users don’t need to install iTunes. It comes with the system.
  • Connect the iPhone 12 pro max with your computer using a USB cable and when you see the Apple logo on the screen of the phone bear down the lower volume button + power key.
  • You will see that after 10 seconds, your screen will be turned off.
  • Simply, release the power button and keep pressing the volume down button.
  • Now, wait until your iTunes recognize your iPhone 12 pro max in DFU mode. After that, you can let go of both the button.
  • On the computer screen, select the “Restore” option.
  • It will download the latest version of IOS in your iPhone 12 pro and format the phone to factory settings. To compete for the whole process of hard reset, it will take some time and after that reboot automatically.