reset iPhone 13

How to reset iPhone 13

If you have purchased an iPhone 13 and want to know the process to reset it. Then follow this article properly. In this article, you will become aware of the process to reset iPhone 13.
But before starting the process to reset iPhone 13, we will know some important things that must be kept in our minds. If we are not aware of these things then we might face problems after we will finish the resetting process of iPhone 13.

Things to keep in mind before resetting iPhone 13:

  • When the process of resetting the iPhone 13 will complete. After that, we will no longer be able to get access to our previous data which was stored in our iPhone 13. This data contains everything related to the photos and videos we have stored. All the music and podcasts will also get deleted.
  • After resetting our iPhone 13. The applications and games which we have installed on the iPhone 13 will also get uninstalled. This means that we will no longer be able to use these software apps and games.
  • Once the iPhone 13 will reset then it will also remove all the accounts which were linked to it. These accounts were linked on the iPhone when we first started it. Now, if we will again want to use this device then we have to again link our account to the iPhone 13.
  • All the settings which were configured by us will also get deleted. When the iPhone 13 resets then all the settings are restored to their default form. The settings of the iPhone will become the same as a new one.

Steps to reset iPhone 13:

  • First, you’ve to open the home screen of your device. to do this, you’ve got to press the facility button provided on your iPhone 13.
  • Now, you’ve to proceed in the menu of ‘Settings’. Once you’ll get the choice of settings then tap thereon to open its menu.
  • Once the screen for the settings menu is going to be visible. Then you’ve to seek out the choice for “general settings”. once you will get that option on then choose this feature to open its menu.
  • Now, when the screen is going to be visible for the overall settings menu. There you’ll see an option provided for “reset”. you’ve got to pick this feature by tapping thereon.
  • After that, you’ll reach the menu of “reset”. So, during this menu, you’ve got to settle on the primary option. If you are doing not want to get rid of all of your data then you’ve got to settle on the choice “reset all the settings”.
  • Once you’ll make the choice as per your wish. then, you’ll receive a confirmation prompt. In this, you’ve got to settle on the choice of “erase iPhone”.
  • Now, if you’ll be asked for a password. Then provide the password. After giving the password you’ve to verify everything which comes.

Once you will do this all properly, then the process to reset iPhone 13 will start.