How to reset iPhone 4 without iCloud password

Resetting the iPhone is one of the best ways to fix any wrong settings on the iPhone or remove apps that aren’t working properly. By resetting your device, you will delete all the data on the device, including settings, applications, accounts, music, images, videos, etc.
Usually, to restore iPhone to factory settings, you can go on and you need to login to your iCloud account. After from there you can restore your iPhone to default settings or original settings.
But the question arises that what if you have forgotten the iCloud password? Do you know how to factory reset iPhone 4 without iCloud password? Well, we are here to guide you. Below we have given some methods to use any of them to hard reset iPhone 4 without an iCloud password.

Factory reset iPhone 4 without iCloud password from settings menu

To wipe or erase all the data into the iPhone you must have done a factory reset. After performing the factory reset in iPhone 4, you will lose all the data which you have stored inside the phone’s internal storage. So, make sure you have taken the backup of all important data. If do not take back up yet then what are you waiting for go ahead and take back up first.

  • Open the settings menu on the iPhone 4. Click on the General dropdown menu and expend it.
  • Now, choose the Reset dropdown menu from the general dropdown menu and also expanded it.
  • select “Erase all contents and settings“. Maybe you will be asked here to enter the passcode then enter it and tap on “Erase iPhone” to confirm it.

Finally done. You have factory reset iPhone 4 from the settings menu.

How to hard Reset iPhone 4 without iCloud Password via iTunes

Before you use this method, you should have connected iTunes with your iPhone 4. If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes, you can use above method to erase your iPhone without an iCloud passcode. However, if your device has the “Find My iPhone” feature enabled, your iPhone will be locked on the iCloud activation lock page after the reset process, because you need an iCloud password to set up your iPhone.

  • First, you need to connect your iPhone 4 to your computer via USB cable and now open iTunes on your computer.
  • Choose an option to do force restart your iPhone 4.
  • Now, in your iPhone 4 long press and hold the Home and the Top (or Side) buttons together at the same time. Don’t release them until you see the recovery-mode screen.
  • You have to choose the restore option when you see the Restore or Update screen. This process will take more than 15 minutes to download software for your iPhone 4.
  • If you stuck in step 4 then you have to repeat the process again from the first step.

You have to give more time to perform this operation. If you will fail to perform this then you have to repeat this process again and it is very time-consuming.