Reset iPhone 7

How to reset iPhone 7 plus without password

If you plan to sell a iPhone 7 plus device or bought a second-hand device that contains information about a previous owner then you can factory reset iPhone 7 plus. You need to know the hard reset process for iPhone 7 plus, to unlock iPhone 7 plus without knowing the password. Yes, you have heard the right, you can reset iPhone 7 plus without password or knowing the credential of the iPhone 7 plus.
This may seem obvious, but before you complete the steps to hard reset your iPhone 7 plus, try to retrieve your password, as this may save you the trouble of familiarizing yourself with these other password removal methods.
You first try to guess your password several times. iPhone 7 plus gives permission to enter the password incorrectly five times in a row. After that, every time you try, your device will block you for a long time. The first error message will take a few seconds, and the ninth attempt will take up to an hour.
When you will try to unlock the iPhone 7 plus on the 10th attempt, it will block you all the time, and to open it, you have to reset using iTunes or without a password.

Hard reset iPhone 7 plus with iTunes

When you use iTunes software or iCloud to factory reset the iPhone 7 plus, you should remember the apple id and password. If you forgot the Apple account id and password, same as the device passcode then you can reset it from the official website of Apple. Make sure, you have not changed the default settings of the iPhone 7 Plus and don’t disable the Find my phone feature inside the settings of the iPhone 7 plus. If you have to change the settings, you can use other third-party software as iTunes will not able to find your device.

  • Open the computer and update iTunes software to the latest version. If you are using the Windows operating system then you need to download it from the Microsoft store or apple website.
  • Now, connect the iPhone 7 plus with your computer by keeping iTunes open on the computer and wait until iTunes locate your device.
  • Once, you see that iTunes has located iPhone 7 plus, click on it.
  • Next, On the right side of the iTunes software, you will see the “Restore iPhone” button. Click on that button.
  • Now, you see a dialogue box on the screen with a confirmation message, read it carefully, and click on the restore button.
  • Next, click on the Next button, and on the next screen, click on the Agree option at the bottom of the software.
  • It will take 20 to 30 minutes time to delete data with the whole system and reinstall IOS packages and the system again to your iPhone 7 plus.

Reset iPhone 7 plus camera settings

Apple gives you 2 options with your camera app. Either you can save the settings to use it next time or it will be erased when you close the app. In the past, if you have changed some settings for your camera app and you want to restore it to default settings once or every time when you open the app, then you should take a look on below step by step guide.

  • Find the settings app on iPhone 7 plus and open it. Find the camera option and move inside that.
  • Next, click on the Preserve Settings.
  • Turn on or off the toggle according to your need. If you want to reset all settings once then switch off the toggle and open the camera app once. After that turn on toggle again to preserve settings.


It is possible to hard reset or master reset any IOS device without passcode or screen lock using iTunes or any other software. But you should try to recall your Apple id and password to use iTunes. While using the third-party software, you should keep one thing in mind is that don’t allow the software to access the data of your iPhone 7 plus. Otherwise, you lose the privacy of your data and it will be awful for you in the next few days.