reset iPhone X

How to reset iPhone X

If the iPhone X frequently becomes unresponsive or causes you problems, the first action which should be taken by you is to reset iPhone X. However, when your iPhone crashes, this is not always the simplest solution. Apple is the best brand for mobile devices that doesn’t mean Apple devices will not crash or become frozen. Apple’s phone is also a technical device and every technical device’s behaviour will change after long-term use.
By factory reset iPhone X, you can increase its battery life if it is draining again and again after charging which is the most common problem for iPhone users. Also, the factory reset method helps us to solve the black screen issues in iPhone, reset up iPhone, Erase all the data and prepare for the sale, etc. So, in some cases, the factory reset process is harmful to you and in some situations, beneficial to you.
Here, we will explain the different ideas to reset iPhone X and show you how to do it. The below method can delete your data so prepare with taking the backup of important information.

Reset iPhone X with buttons

In this section, We are going to explain how you can force restart iPhone x. You can’t reboot an iOS device simply using the power key like an Android device but there are some instructions to follow. A simple reboot will not delete the data so you can perform this process without taking the backup and concerning about data loss.

  • You can perform a force restart operation from the settings menu but with buttons, it is quite simple.
  • Now, press and release volume + button -> quickly tap and release volume – button -> hold the side key or power key until you see the Apple logo on the display of iPhone x.
  • Now, you see the device is turning off. After it will settle the memory and restart again.

Hard reset iPhone X with buttons

You can restore iPhone X to default settings using iTunes. It doesn’t ask you to enter the passcode of your Apple device. Here, some simple steps we have written for you to reset the iPhone x with buttons.

  • Turn on the computer and open the iTunes software. Update it to the latest version. Next, connect the iPhone x using the cable with your computer to format the phone.
  • Wait until iTunes recognizes your iPhone X. You have not to do anything, just wait.
  • From the list of the devices, select the iPhone X. If you want to take the backup in the iCloud account then choose the option according to that. Click the option to that.
  • Finally, click on the Restore button to restore your device to default settings. Confirm the factory reset operation in the popup message.
  • iTunes will download the latest IOS version to your phone and complete the process.
  • Next, unlock the screen lock in iPhone X by swiping the finger and start to use it. If you want to restore the backup from the iCloud account then you can restore it from the settings menu.