reset iPhone XR

How to reset iPhone XR

When you want to trade your iPhone XR then Apple allows you to remove all the stored information from it in a single click. You can’t need to delete a single piece of data as you know it takes a couple of hours and depends on how much data stored.

Also, when iPhone XR becomes frozen and you can’t able to open anything or see only a black screen then you should reset iPhone XR. In some cases, a soft reset is enough to solve the problem but if it doesn’t work then you have to prepare to factory reset iPhone XR.
Check out the soft reset and hard reset process for iPhone XR in the below section.

Soft reset iPhone XR

A soft reset will not delete any data. It is a method to reset the operating system of your iPhone or you can simply be called it rebooting your phone. It will flush the RAM of the phone and removes all the worst data from the primary memory of the phone.

Due to that, your phone becomes faster and it will perform better. Let’s look at the steps to soft reset your iPhone XR.

  • Follow each instruction quickly otherwise, maybe you have to start the process again.
  • First, quickly tap the volume + button. Next, tap the Volume – button. Now, bear down the power key and hold it until the logo of Apple will be shown on the screen of the iPhone XR.
  • You have not to do anything until it will start again or reboot. It will take its time and when being ready, you can unlock it via screen lock and start using it.

Reset iPhone XR without losing data

A soft reset is the better option to flush memory and make it faster but in some situations, it will not work for you. This thing happens because of some glitches in the software or malware entered into your device. When you factory reset the device it will remove all the glitches and malware from the system and restore it to manufactured settings.

After a factory reset, you have to download and install the latest version of the IOS system on your iPhone XR. In the factory reset process, you will definitely lose the data but if you take a backup of the data then you can save it. Here, we will take a backup of the data in iCloud and restore it after the master reset process.

To perform backup operations, you must know the id and password of the iCloud account otherwise simply use an external hard drive or computer for data backup.

  • Connect your iPhone to a wi-fi or internet connection.
  • Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Backup option.
  • Switch on the iCloud backup toggle and tap on the backup now. It will take a backup of all the data from your phone.
  • Now, it’s time to hard reset iPhone XR. Move to the Settings > General > Tap Reset.
  • Here, choose Reset all settings to reset the whole phone and restore it to default settings.
  • Give some time to iPhone XR to complete the process. Once it will reboot restore the data backup from your iCloud account.
  • Again go to Settings > iCloud > Storage. Here, go inside the Manage Storage > iCloud Backup > Select backups to restore
  • Make sure you have a proper internet connection while restoring the backup.
  • Once, the restoration process will be completed, you can ensure that data is not erased from your iPhone XR even though you have performed a hard reset operation.