reset iPhone XS max

How to reset iPhone XS max

You all know that, if your become sluggish and don’t respond then it is irritating for everyone. Mainly, when you update the system software of the phone, you will observe that your phone becomes slower after the system update. Usually, this thing happens due to rogue apps or data corruption. This worst app consumes the memory of your device so it will not able to provide enough memory to the required software or apps.
Radom slugging can be fixed by updating all apps from the Apple store or restarting the device. To solve the frequent lagging, you have to format the iPhone and factory reset iPhone XS max.

Reset iPhone XS max when frozen

If you are not able to turn off or on your iPhone then you should reset iPhone XS max using iTunes. iTunes is a computer software build by Apple w which allows you to reset iPhone XS max without a passcode.
To continue with the process, you must have iTunes software pre-installed on your computer. However, you can either use the Windows operating system or Mac operating system. You can download the iTunes software from the official website of Apple. Once, you complete the installation of the iTunes software on your computer then follow the below instructions.

  • Take a supplied USB cable or Lightning cable. Now, connect your iPhone XS max with the computer on which you have installed the iTunes software.
  • On your computer, locate iTunes software and open it.
  • Now, wait until iTunes found the connected IOS device.
  • After some moments it will show you that your device connected successfully. Now, find the iPhone icon on the iTunes menu and tap on it.
  • In the fifth step, tap on the Restore button. Now, it will ask you for the backup. you can back up your all-important data from the iPhone to the computer’s hard drive.
  • If you want to take backup then go with the on-screen instruction otherwise you can simply tap on the restore button. It will start the factory reset process.
  • Now, iTunes has started the hard reset operation on your iPhone XS max.
  • At last, you have to reinstall the whole system on the iPhone.

When you will format your iPhone using the iTunes software it will never ask you for the screen lock. It means that you can reset iPhone XS max when locked out.

Reset iPhone XS max when screen is black

When you can’t see anything on the iPhone screen but you listen to the voice, it means you are facing the issue of a black screen. In these steps, we have given a full guide to reset iPhone XS max when the screen is black. We will perform the soft reset so that you can sort out the problem without losing the data.

  • First, bear down the power button and hold it for a few seconds.
  • You will see a slider for the power off then you can release the side key.
  • Now, to power off your device simply select or pull the power off slider.
  • Wait for 30 to 60 seconds so that the power cycle can be reset. Next, turn on iPhone max XS again by pressing the power button.

This soft reset process will boost up your iPhone XS Max.