reset iPhone XS

How to reset iPhone XS

You have observed that Apple’s newly launched device doesn’t come with the home button. So, to reset iPhone XS we have to only use the volume buttons and power button. However, we can factory reset iPhone XS from the settings menu and using other third-party software.
If your iPhone XS stuck on the Apple logo screen and you can’t able to see anything on the screen, it means your iPhone is frozen. To fix this problem, you should hard reset iPhone XS. Rather, you can also reset your iPhone XS to remove all the data at a time.

Reset iPhone XS without passcode

If you forgot the passcode of the iPhone XS then it will not allow you to enter into the home screen. As a last option, you can factory reset iPhone, remove all data with the old passcode and unlock it. So, you will find lots of third-party software in the market to factory reset the iPhone but here we will use iCloud.
While using third-party software, you should take care of your personal data. Maybe third-party software can access your data and you will lose your privacy. To use this method make sure you have an Apple account id and password. However, you don’t need the passcode of the iPhone.

  • First, you need another iOS device or computer to continue with the method because you have locked your iPhone.
  • In the browser of another device search for iCloud and navigate to
  • Log in to the iCloud account using the Apple id and password. If you forgot the Apple id and password then you can reset it using the forgot password feature.
  • Once you see the dashboard of your iCloud account, you have to locate the “Find my iPhone” option and navigate to it.
  • Here, find the list of all devices and select the iPhone device which you want to factory reset.
  • When you select the device, you will see three options on the screen to find the device that plays a sound, lost mode, and Erase iPhone. We want to delete all the data and unlock the iPhone so choose Erase iPhone.
  • You have erased your iPhone XS remotely.

If you lost the iPhone then this method can be useful for you to wipe all the data without touching the iPhone.

Reset iPhone XS with buttons

If the iPhone XS device doesn’t work according to you then try to update the iPhone and simply soft reset. Here, a soft reset means you have to restart your iPhone using the power button keys. If it’s doesn’t work for you then you can factory reset the iPhone using the side buttons.

  • In the first step, tap on the volume up button for a single time. Next, tap on the Volume down button quickly.
  • Now, long-press the power button, and after 5 seconds you will see a black screen which means your iPhone XS turning off. It will reboot automatically in less than 10 seconds.
  • If you find a lock screen then simply swipe your finger on the screen to unlock it otherwise you can go on to the next step.
  • Once the reboot process will be finished, you will see that your iPhone XS is reset to original settings.