reset iPod Nano

How to reset iPod Nano

The iPod is a great invention that gives permission to listen to your favourite music at anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it allows you to record music or audio at any place. Sometimes, like any other electronic or technical device, iPod will encounter some problems like it becomes frozen or unresponsive, any button doesn’t work. To overcome this type of problem, you can reset iPod nano.
There are 4 to 5 different ways to reset it but we have recommended the 2 best ways to factory reset and soft reset your iPod nano.

Hard reset iPod Nano

A simple way to reset the iPod or any iOS device is that using iTunes. But before you reset the iPod nano with iTunes, you should try to soft reset so that you can save your data and audio. If you want to reset the iPod nano to wipe data then you can continue with the process without waiting for a minute.

  • Don’t forget to update iTunes to the latest version otherwise, it can cause a problem between the factory reset process and you to have to start the process again.
  • You can check for updates on the Help > check for updates section.
  • Take a single USB cord and connect your iPod nano with the computer using it.
  • Press on the Device icon which you find at the top of the screen of iTunes software. Next, move to the summary -> restore iPod nano.
  • You will see a warning box on the screen, tap on the Restore button to start the master reset process and wipe all the data from your iPod nano.

Factory reset iPod Nano without iTunes

Have to try to remove glitches by the soft reset process? You can remove some normal glitches and issues by the soft reset process which you can perform by pressing and holding the home + sleep button. If you are using the 6th generation iPod you should press the sleep + volume down button together. As a final choice, you can perform a hard reset operation, if you don’t get the result from a soft reset operation. This method requires the password of the iPod. Like iPhone, you can also reset the iPod nano from the settings menu. You can see the below steps and follow to reset iPod nano from the settings menu.

  • Turn off all auto sync and backup option on your iPod nano.
  • Now, unlock the screen of the iPod nano by using proper credentials.
  • Next, navigate to the “Settings” > “General” > “Reset”.
  • Apple gives you here several choices to reset the settings of the device. You can choose particular settings for reset or tap on the Erase all content and settings to reset all the settings to factory default.
  • Confirm that you are the owner by entering the Apple account id and password. Next, you don’t need to do anything except wait for process completion.

Summing up thoughts

As you have read the instructions in the above section, it quite simple to follow. Apple provides the same features on iPod as iPhone devices. As you can see reset process from the settings menu, both device has same.
At last, our suggestion is that, try soft reset first and after that try hard reset process.