reset iPod shuffle

How to reset iPod shuffle without iTunes

Hey, you are on this iPod trouble shooter page, which means some errors in the iPod are not allow you to listen to music peacefully. You can easily hard reset or force reset the iPod using the iTunes software but here we are going to reset iPod shuffle without iTunes, in case you forgot the Apple id and password.
You can use the iPod shuffle to store the presentation music, other video background music, rather than only relaxing music. So, you might need to go for a presentation and your iPod shuffle not work at the same time that is an awful situation for you. So, the factory reset process will help you to sort out technical faults in your iPod shuffle.
Let’s begin some easy steps to restore the iPod shuffle to default settings and resolve problems.

Reset iPod shuffle without iTunes

Your iPod shuffle becomes full with the music and now you want to replace the content of this, you don’t need to delete one after another music but the factory reset process will remove all the music from the iPod shuffle at a single time.

  • You can’t reset the iPod shuffle when it is connected to the computer. So, disconnect it from the computer.
  • Locate the on / off switch and toggle it to the off position. When you will power off the iPod shuffle, a green stripe will not appear.
  • Wait for some moments for a complete power cycle reset.
  • Next, toggle the on / off switch to the on position, while you will see a green stripe that shows your iPod shuffle is power on and ready to play audio.
  • Try to play your favourite music and test the iPod shuffle.

Reset iPod shuffle touch screen

On the iPod touch, you can perform the soft and hard reset operation. The difference between both is that soft reset will not remove content from the iPod and hard reset will remove.
To soft reset iPod, touch screen instruction is here.

  • Locate the sleep button and hold it until the power off slider you see on the screen.
  • Next, slide the turn-off slide to power off your iPod. You don’t need to press the button on the Touch screen iPod.
  • If you can’t see anything on the screen or the touch screen is not responding the simply press and hold the Sleep button for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo on the touch screen.

Now, we have soft reset the iPod touch screen but what if you want to remove all the audio from the iPod shuffle. You restore iPod shuffle to default settings. You must have to use iTunes to erase the data.

  • Connect iPod shuffle with the computer and launch the updated version of iTunes on your computer.
  • Choose iPod shuffle from the listed device.
  • Next, click on the summary option.
  • At last, select restore iPod.

So, if you want to soft reset the iPod shuffle, you can directly do it using the touch screen or sleep button but erase all the data you must have to use iTunes.