How to reset Kenneth luggage lock

When you are going anywhere with your luggage, the security of your luggage is important. Kenneth Luggage suitcase comes with a dial case lock so that without your permission anyone can not open the brief case and see your Luggage. It protects the privacy of your important documents and many personal things.
Rather once you lock the briefcase, anyone can not change the digit combination for the look without your permission. If you want to change the password combination then you should have an old password. It will be easy to change the lock. However, you forgot the password you don’t need to worry. You can factory reset the lock and use the default pin to open the Kenneth luggage lock and that is our main topic for today to reset Kenneth luggage lock.

Reset Kenneth Luggage lock

You have to go through the step-by-step process to reset the Kenneth luggage lock. This is the last and final option to open your briefcase if you forgot the digit combination for it.

  • Take your Kenneth briefcase and set the dial to 000 if you forgot the combination of it.
  • Now, From the lock position, you have to rotate the lock shackle at 90 degrees.
  • At the third step, simply push the shackle at the downside means outside of the lock.
  • Now, you have to set the new combinations of a digit according to your choice. This is the new lock for your briefcase.
  • Once, you set up the new combination of digits pull the shackle upside.
  • Rotate again it to the actual lock position.

This is the way to reset the lock if you forgot it. If you have remembered old combinations of the lock then it will be easy to open it. Check the below steps.

  • Open the Kenneth briefcase. If you have not set the lock before then you should use the default combination which will be 000 or you can see it on the owner’s manual.
  • Behind the lock, you will find a small reset switch inside the Kenneth briefcase. Look carefully and find it because it is very small.
  • To press the reset button, you need a small pin or ball pen point. Use anything which can go inside the reset button and press it.
  • While holding the button change the combination of the lock and that will be your new combination.
  • Now, release the button.


To reset the Kensie women’s luggage lock you can also follow the above method. You have to follow steps according to if you forgot the lock combination or remember the lock combination. Rather, the process is not difficult it will take less than 2 minutes and you can again secure your luggage while traveling.