How to reset Lexmark 36S0800 MX521ade printer

Lexmark company is a major printer manufacturer in the international market. Lexmark’s printers are suitable to use at the office for business purposes and at the home personally. We must use the reset function regularly to Clear the queue or deal with another set of common problems and glitches. However, Lexmark 36S0800 MX521ade doesn’t come with the reset button, but we can reset the Lexmark 36S0800 MX521ade printer from the settings menu to its factory default.

Why you should reset Lexmark 36S0800 MX521ade printer

Before you start the factory reset process in the Lexmark printer, you have to try the find the real issue and look for other solutions to sort out the problem. Because if you are facing physical problems like a paper jam then factory reset or software reset will not solve the problem. So, check first whether the problem is in the hardware system or software system.
If you find hardware problems such that paper jams then you have to clear the hardware. Because Lexmark modern printer detects the paper jam automatically and stops the printing or scanning anything. So, to start the printing process again there is only one solution to a clear paper jam.
Another common problem in Lexmark printers is simple delays or slowdowns caused by software job overload. If you try to print any paper or document many times then the queue of the job becomes long, which will cause the printer to slow printing outstanding jobs. In such a case, you should remove the unnecessary jobs from the task pane of the printer. Then click Continue to start processing the outstanding tasks.
If the above methods are not a solution for the problems then factory reset is the last option which you have.

Reset Lexmark 36S0800 MX521ade printer

After refilling the ink cartridge, if the Lexmark printer still remembered the old level of the link and don’t start the printing job then you can factory reset to set a new level of ink. Once, you will reset the Lexmark printer it will become fast and errorless.

  • In the Lexmark printer open the control panel first.
  • Now, move to the Settings menu. On the control panel, you will repair icon to access the settings menu.
  • Choose the device option and press the ok button.
  • Now choose the restore factory default setting and press ok. After that choose to restore settings and choose the ok button.
  • Next, select Restore all settings in the current menu and tap on the ok button.
  • Here, to continue with the process navigate to the restore option and click on the start button.

It will start the process of master reset and the printer will reboot once the process is completed.


To get the perfect solution for any problem or issue, you must have to find the exact problem. If you get success to find the problem then you will definitely get the solution for that problem on the internet or in the manual of the Lexmark 36S0800 MX521ade printer. However, you should not worry if can’t find the problem. You can factory reset the Lexmark printer using the above 6 steps.