reset Lexmark MC3224dwe

How to reset Lexmark MC3224dwe printer

Every Lexmark Mc3224dwe users want that they can run printer without facing any single problem but at one time you will face issues with errors and bugs. Rather, it will be generated by printer system software or printer hardware. Common issues occur when the system of the printer is not updated to the latest version and you change the ink cartridge.
At beneath, you can see steps to reset Lexmark MC3224dwe printer’s software, hardware, and ink cartridge level.

Reset Lexmark ink cartridge level

If any user of Lexmark printer doesn’t know how to reset the ink cartridge level then it can be annoying for them every time when they change the ink cartridge. The main cause for the problem is that the cartridge chip is not set correctly so it’s showing an error to you. This is one of the methods to reset the ink level in the Lexmark MC32224dwe printer.

  • Disconnect the Lexmark MC3224dwe printer from the power cord and all the connections.
  • Now, open the printer and remove the empty ink cartridge chip. Also, insert the brand new cartridge chip which is full of ink.
  • Press the ready and return buttons to turn on the Lexmark MC3224dwe printer.
  • While holding both buttons, you will see a self-test page on the screen of the printer. Now, you can release the ready and return buttons.
  • From the home screen go to the diagnostics mode -> maintenance count option.
  • Now, choose the Reset option to reset the ink level automatically. In the future, you will not get a low ink error after changing the new cartridge.
  • Press the return button and come back to the home screen of the printer and check that printer is working fine or not by printing anything.

Reset Lexmark MC3224dwe printer by software reset

One of the easy methods to reset the Lexmark printer is that software reset. Software reset will update the software to the latest version so you will get better features than the previous version with high performance.

  • First, you need to install the latest version of the system software if an update is available.
  • After successfully installing the latest version of the system software you have to click on the maintenance tab to run the program. To reset the ink cartridge, select the install new cartridge option.
  • Lexmark printer will detect automatically newly inserted devices. Click on the next to continue with the process and try to find the print alignment page.
  • It’s time to refill or change the ink cartridge. Perform the reset or restart operation.
  • Now, you will see the ink cartridge level also reset on your desktop screen. Maybe this method doesn’t work for you then you can use the above method which will do the same.