how to reset Lexmark MC3426adw printer

It becomes important to reset Lexmark MC3426adw printer when you find any fault inside the printer. If you feel that printer behaviour is not so good then you can reset the whole operating system of the Lexmark printer which will help you to overcome any kind of issue.
Generally, most of the printer comes with the cartridge ink chip which remembers the level of the ink but when you refill the ink then sometimes due to software error it remembers the old level of the ink and it gives you an error. So, to solve this kind of common problem you can soft reset the printer or factory reset.

Soft reset Lexmark MC3426adw printer

A soft reset will not affect the manual settings of the printer. It will not reset the whole OS to the default settings but it reset only the volatile memory so you can simply solve the issues. Rather, the soft reset process is easy to perform than the factory reset.

  • At the first step, the Power of the Lexmark MC34261dw printer completely.
  • Now, disconnect all cords from the printer such as the power cord. Also, disconnect the printer from all connected devices. Plug out the power cord from the wall.
  • Wait for 30 to 60 seconds so that all power can discharge from the cord.
  • Now, connect all the devices and power cords to the printer.
  • Power on the printer as you do normally and check it once the printer is working fine or not.

factory reset Lexmark MC3426adw printer

Factory reset works as a last reset option if a soft reset doesn’t work for your printer problem. It will erase all the system settings done by you and your printer will become just like a new one.

  • Here, your Lexmark printer is on then turn off it otherwise continue with the next step.
  • Now, tap and hold the menu button which you find on the operator panel until you will see the test menu on the screen of the printer.
  • You have to enter inside the menu and to do press the Select button.
  • Now, again tap and hold the menu button until the Factory default option appears on the screen of the printer.
  • Press the select button to enter in the menu and on the display you will see the Restore option.
  • You have to press the select button last time to change the printer’s settings to the original.

Now, the printer’s all settings have been reset and you will find that error has gone.