How to hard reset LG g8 thinq

If you want to sell your phone or experience performance issues, you should consider restoring factory settings. You can hard reset LG G8 ThinQ phone in two ways, and we will introduce these methods in detail in this article.

Hard reset LG G8 Thinq smart phone from settings menu

Step by step guide:-

  • Open the settings menu in the LG G8 Thinq smartphone.
  • Click on the “General” tab at the top and then select the “Restart & reset” option.
  • Select the “Factory data reset” option. and Tap on the “Reset Phone” option at the last of the screen.
  • Now, just click on “Remove All” and then click “Reset” to complete the whole process of master reset in LG G7 Thinq smartphone.

Factory reset LG G8 Thinq Android smart phone in recovery mode

If your phone is unresponsive and you cannot access settings, you must use recovery mode to reset it to factory settings. This is a completely different process from the previous process, but it is also simple and fast.

  • First switch off your LG G8 ThinQ completely. It can be happen you can’t unlock the screen, in that cases press and hold the power button for about 20 seconds, and the phone will turn off.
  • Press the power button and volume button of LG G8 ThinQ at the same time for a few seconds.
  • When the LG logo is displayed on your smartphone’s screen, release the button.
  • Use the volume up and down keys to scroll through the menu until you find the “Recovery Mode” option, then press the power button to access. If the device menu displays Chinese characters, click here to see how.
  • Use the volume up and down keys to select the “wipe cache partition” option, then press the power button to activate the option and delete the mobile cache.
  • After a few seconds, you will return to the previous screen, use the volume buttons to go to the “wipe data/factory reset” option, and then press the power button to enter. A screen will appear with a lot of NO and YES, the volume key will turn to YES again, and then press the power key.
  • After finishing using the volume buttons again, click “Restart System Now” and press the power button of LG G8 ThinQ.

The device will restart and it will take a few minutes to boot, at the same time the device is restoring the factory state and optimizingAndroid 9.0 ( Pie) The system is pre-installed with applications.

Conclusion and Warnings

When you reset the LG G8 Thinq android smartphone using the factory reset or master reset method, it will wipe all the data which is in your phone. Now, the LG G7 think will become the same as you bought it. In it, only inbuilt software and pre-installed application remain. All other things will be erased. Also, it removes glitches and some errors from your phone that is a good thing for you.