How to reset LG soundbar las350b

Many users of the LG soundbar las350b might confront the Bluetooth not working problem and emergency update mode problem. It is possible some time these types of problems occur due to hardware issues also. However, frequently it is the cause or gift of the software glitches.
Well, we will fix here emergency update mode and reset LG soundbar las350b.

What is LG soundbar las350b emergency update mode? How to overcome on it?

LG soundbar las350b emergency update mode alerts you about the hardware failure in your system. When some hardware will fail into the LG las350b soundbar, any button of the device will not work. you will not get any response after pressing any button from the device. On the screen of LG las350b soundbar, you can only see Emergency update mode text written and floating from right to left.
T fix the emergency update mode issue follow the beneath guide.

  • First, open the above compartment of the LG soundbar las350b. Might you need a screwdriver to open it?
  • Inside the LG las350b, at the center, you will see a green big green chip.
  • Now, you have to locate the small white sticker on this green chip.
  • On the white sticker, you will find some text is written which is the model number of that green chip.
  • Note down that model number and order a new part to replace it. That is the single solution of the emergency update mode.
  • Also, you can reinstall the same chip might it will work for your soundbar.

Power cycle reset LG soundbar las350b

Power cycle reset or smart reset of the LG soundbar las350b is such a simple process. Even if any 10-year child can perform it.

  • disconnect the power cord from the wall.
  • Also, disconnect it from the backside of the LG soundbar.
  • Now, wait for 60 seconds so that the power cycle can be reset.
  • Again plug the cord into the soundbar first and then the power socket.

Power cycle reset of LG soundbar las350b is completed.

LG las350b Bluetooth not working – quick fix

Bluetooth problems with LG Soundbar are very common, and there may be many reasons. If your Bluetooth speaker fails to pair, try one of the following solutions to solve the problem. At below, each step contains a single solution to fix the Bluetooth problem into the LG las350b soundbar. So, try to follow each step carefully.

  • When the soundbar drops Bluetooth connection again and again, even though it is not connecting with the Bluetooth then you should check once using the cable. It can happen real problem is inside the audio output device.
  • Many times Bluetooth issue happens due to the speaker’s firmware. So, check the instruction on the manual or official website of the LG to update your LG speaker’s manual.
  • Make sure that between the Bluetooth device and soundbar there is no solid thing or environment which stops the Bluetooth signal.
  • In your Bluetooth device check for the latest version of the system update. If your device is not updated then try after updating it.
  • If your device is lagging and Bluetooth does not connect correctly then you should simple reboot your device.
  • At last, if you still facing the Bluetooth issue perform a factory reset of your LG soundbar. To factory reset the LG las350b soundbar tap and hold on the volume – button on the LG soundbar and sound effect button from the remote control together. After some time you will see how to reset the screen. Follow on-screen steps and turn on again your LG soundbar las350b.