reset Macbook Air 2015

How to reset Macbook Air 2015

Before knowing this, the system including the several inputs to control the one single It increase the functionality of system unit.
Before the Reset Macbook Air 2015 or backup, create the new Macbook air to the system and when the reset process is done especially refuse it again and download the attachment or documents.

How it works?

Firstly, the system should be entered into the contents of documents, files , photo, music etc…, Reset Macbook Air 2015 by the system and notify that all the settings should be back-up by the system.

How to reset Reset Macbook Air 2015?
  1. Create the account to the external storage device.
  2. When the data is entirely sended to internal or SD card, the documents or files never be deleted.
  3. Command and R keys should be pressed long click the button to boost process.
  4. In the screen the booster process release the virus from the data and the system.
  5. In the system select the disk utility and continue button.
  6. When the documents, files, etc…, choose the hard drive in time the system and click the button to erase the system.
  7. Erase the data , then download database in system can save the date and file’s are important.
When to backup the Macbook Air 2015?

When the system is overloaded with work and viruses then the system should be booster or erase the documents files etc.
,If don’t backup your data ,it will disappear enter form to reset the data.

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