How to Reset macbook air 2017

Before doing a factory reset, you should back up your MacBook, copy videos, photos, documents, and other important data to an external hard drive or SSD, as all data will need to be deleted before you can Reset macbook air 2017. Sign out of iMessage, iCloud, and any other account.
Note – Your MacBook should be charged above 90% before resetting, or you can also charge on it. There may be a risk if your MacBook is turned off between processes. Connect your MacBook to the Internet during this process.

Follow me step by step
  • Now you turn off the MacBook, press + R and the power button all three simultaneously before turning on the MacBook again. Now release the power button, now release the command + R after screen on.
  • Select your language.
  • After loading you will come to macOS Recovery mode. If you have set a password, then you remove it.
  • Now we will come to the macOS utility, from here choose your disk utility and click on Next.
  • Go to the sidebar and click on view, then click on Show All Device, then click on Main Device and click on the Delete button.
  • After the disk is cleared, write the name in it, choose Mac OS Extended (journaled) from the dropdown menu, and then select the GUID partition map then click erase.
  • After deleting go to macOS utility and then click reinstall macOS and click continue. Currently the new version is macOS catalina.
  • If you have not already connected your MacBook to the Internet, then connect to Wi-Fi from the top corner.
  • Now click on the agreement, install now and click on SSD partition then continue. Now the macOS download has started, this process may take about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The computer will be turned on again. Now install it.

Now you have learned how to Reset macbook air 2017!