Reset Meraki Go by Cisco| Outdoor Wi-Fi Access poin

Before we know about How to reset Meraki Go by Cisco? We have to know that what happens after we reset Meraki Go.

when we perform factory reset of Meraki Go then we allow it to clear all of our local configurations which are inside that device. Resetting this device will also delete all the configuration for ethernet as well as important IP address.
When the Meraki Go will be in-network while the process of factory reset then you don’t have to worry because it will then automatically download again all of our previous configuration once it will be return in the online form. This redownload will include all the important IP address and configuration which you have assigned before resetting the device.

Before doing the process of factory resetting Cisco Meraki Go you will need to make sure that you have removed your Meraki Go from the connection by which the network is provided to it.

How to reset Meraki Go by Cisco

Now let’s know How to reset Meraki Go by Cisco. Just read the below lines given in the article:

  • You can reset Meraki Go with the help of the reset button which is provided in the device.
  • You will get that button on the back of Meraki Go inside a hole.
  • To reset Meraki Go you will need a paper clip with the help of this you will press the button which is for reset.
  • You have to press it for at least 10 to 12 secs.
  • When you will do this, you will see that the light of the device turned off.
  • Once the light will turn off then only you have to release the button.
  • By completing all this process, the device will get factory reset and will automatically restart again.