reset moto g6 play

How to factory reset moto g6 play

Factory reset moto g6 play is not a tough task for any moto G6 play user. To remove problems and glitches from the moto g6 play device you can reset using the 2 to 3 ways. You should take a step towards resetting your moto G6 play device when you found problems like below in your Moto G6 play.

  • The device is running very slow
  • Blank screen issue,
  • Some apps or software crashed suddenly
  • Unexpected glitches,
  • Virus or malware infection,
  • The device automatically turns off when you try to start it.
  • Failures from system software.
  • You forgot the device password
  • you want to sell the Moto G6 Play and wipe all the data.

So, these are situations and problems at that time you should hard reset your moto G6 play smartphone.

Internal factory reset moto G6 play

When your device has some issue but still you are able to open the settings menu then you can try a factory reset your moto G6 play smartphone. This process takes only 90 seconds to reset your moto device to its default settings and wipe all the data and the errors.

  • Touch on the arrow icon and open the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Choose a System option. Now, inside the system move to the Advance menu.
  • Click or tap on the Reset options on the screen of device.
  • To factory reset your device, click on the Erase all data (factory data reset ).
  • Tap on the Reset Phone and it will ask you to enter screen lock. By asking screen lock it confirms that you are the owner of the device.

At the sixth step when you select Reset everything, it will start the master reset of your device.

External factory reset moto G6 play

However, the external factory reset method is also easy to like the above one and it takes less than 150 seconds. When your device not restarting properly, the blank screen issue, automatically turn off, in such cases, you can use an external factory reset instead of an internal factory reset from the settings menu.

  • Before you start an external factory reset check the battery percentage. If it is less than 30%, charge it first.
  • Switch off moto G6 play smartphone.
  • bear down and hold the Volume – button and the lock or power button together until the smartphone restarts again.
  • Now, hold the volume – button until you see the recovery screen on your smartphone.
  • Release the power button once and press it again to enter into recovery mode.
  • On the screen choose Wipe Data / Factory Reset. Here, you can go up and down by using the Volume + and – button.
  • To click on any option just press the power button once by selecting it using the power button.
  • Again, scroll up and down using the volume up and down button and select Factory data reset and press the power button to tap on it.
  • Wait for numerous seconds to complete the factory reset.
  • If you see any pop-up screen for the conformations of the factory reset then tap on Yes using the volume and power button.
  • Once hard reset of moto G6 play will complete, reboot it again as usual you do.