reset Mozilla Firefox

How to reset Mozilla Firefox

In the event that you are dealing with issues when you are using Mozilla Firefox on your PC. At that point, you attempt to reset Mozilla Firefox to use it properly. However, in the event that you don’t have a clue about the process to reset Mozilla Firefox, then, at that point this article will help you with doing as such. To know the process, you need to follow this article appropriately.

For what reason do we have to reset Mozilla Firefox?

At the time, when we use our Mozilla Firefox for browsing or for downloading. By then, sometimes we face numerous kinds of issues. We deal with issues identified with the settings and personalization. Can undoubtedly update and change the settings in Mozilla Firefox. Do this by opening the menu of settings. In the settings, we select the devices and from that point, we go to the web choices. In this choice, we make numerous kinds of changes as per our necessities. At the point when we make changes in our Mozilla Firefox, now, in the event that we forget the settings made by us. Then, at that point, we may confront a large number of issues while browsing. We may likewise not have the option to download anything or search anything appropriately because of these changes.

Thus, when there will be changes in our Mozilla Firefox. Then, at that point starting there, we should realize that how changes and customization we have dealt with our Mozilla Firefox. Assuming we won’t ready to know them all, it will be exceptionally hard for us to utilize Mozilla Firefox. We may likewise deal with issues in our web pilgrim when we will refresh windows or reset our PC. An update of the windows or reset of the PC can likewise cause an issue in web pioneer here and there. After the update, the settings may likewise change and we may confront inconvenience while downloading or browsing. Thus, to make Mozilla Firefox appropriate to use, we need to reset it.

These all were the explanations behind resetting the Mozilla Firefox.

Things to remember prior to resetting Mozilla Firefox

When you will finish the process of resetting the Mozilla Firefox. Then, at that point, you will lose every one of the past settings that you had done. The customization of the Mozilla Firefox will likewise be lost once the resetting process will be done. In the event that you were utilizing some other capacity made without anyone else will likewise be eliminated. Settings identified with the location of downloaded documents and different things will likewise be changed to default. The document in which you were putting all your downloads won’t store anything after the completion of the resetting process.

Every one of your bookmarks will be saved after the resetting process too. The resetting process doesn’t eliminate the bookmarks which were saved by you. The additional items will get incapacitated once the Mozilla Firefox gets reset. The protection that was settled by us and the security for browsing will be changed to the default. This will likewise occur with the settings and customizations made by us. All your User IDs and password will likewise get erased once the reset occurs. These passwords and user id will be of various sites that you had saved before on Mozilla Firefox.

You need to again set up your Mozilla Firefox according to your need after the consummation of the reset process. These all progressions happen in Mozilla Firefox after resetting it. This happens on the grounds that the web pioneer reestablishes each capacity. The settings, customization, and working of the Mozilla Firefox change to equivalent to what it was at the time of the installation.

Given above were the things we as a whole should know prior to resetting Mozilla Firefox.

How to reset Mozilla Firefox?

If you are facing problems while operating Mozilla Firefox on your PC. When you are using Mozilla Firefox and without any reason new tab is opening. This happens due to various kinds of error in the web browser of Mozilla Firefox. Or if you want to delete all the previous settings made by you and clear every account related detailed from the browser then also you have to reset Mozilla Firefox.
If you want to know the process used for resetting Mozilla Firefox. Then you should checkout the steps provided beneath:

  • In order to begin the process. You have to open Mozilla Firefox on your PC or Mac. To do this, you have to move the cursor towards the icon provided for the “Mozilla Firefox” and then click on it. By doing this Mozilla Firefox will open.
  • When Mozilla Firefox will open. Then you have to find the website given for the “Mozilla Firefox support”.
  • After reaching the website for “Mozilla Firefox support”. You have to discover the button provided for “Refresh Firefox”.
  • Once you will find the button provided for refreshing the Mozilla Firefox. Then you just need to move the cursor towards that button and then select it by clicking on this button.
  • When you will click on the button given for refreshing the Mozilla Firefox. Then you will reach to the page provided with the information that is imported.
  • After that, you have to move the cursor towards the button provided for “finish”. Then click on it.
  • When this process will be done. At that point, Mozilla Firefox will reopen.

After Mozilla Firefox will open once again. Then the process of resetting Mozilla Firefox will be finished.