How to reset nebula soundbar

The common way to reset any soundbars and many other devices like smartphones and tablets is to hold the volume down button with the power button and wait for the flashlight to appear. The keys pressed differ depending on the type of soundbar. Here, we talk about how to reset nebula soundbar.
There are many ways to repair your nebula soundbar without restoring factory settings, but if all other methods fail, this is a good last resort. Please note that this will delete all manual settings and must be re-entered. If your device has connection problems, if you hear unexplainable noise, or you have other soundbar problems that don’t seem to be repaired, it’s best to reset nebula soundbar.

Quick fixes for common problem in nebula soundbar

There are 3 to 4 normal problems that can happen in any brand of the soundbar. It is easy to fix.
If you found any sound problem in the nebula soundbar then you should check the audio input to the soundbar device. Maybe you have given incorrect input so you are not able to listen to audio properly. Also, check soundbar is not muted and the TV which is connected with the soundbar is mute.
Maybe you find an issue with the remote control then you should check the battery of the remote control from the backside of it. Check if the battery installed properly. You can also try replacing the batteries.
Sometimes Bluetooth problems also found in the nebula soundbar. So, you have to check you have enabled Bluetooth of the soundbar enabled correctly. Furthermore, check soundbar is not connected with another device if you are not able to connect it with Bluetooth. Sometimes Bluetooth issue happens in the device because of the poor signal. So, the soundbar not able to capture correctly Bluetooth device. To solve this issue move closer your Bluetooth device to the nebula soundbar. Keep in mind there is not an obstacle between the soundbar and Bluetooth device.

Factory reset Nebula soundbar

Factory reset is the final solution to any problem in the nebula soundbar.

  • Turn on your nebula soundbar.
  • You should disconnect all devices from the nebula soundbar to reset it.
  • Now, press the power button and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • Don’t forget to remove the power cord from the power socket after pressing the power button.
  • After waiting for a minimum of 30 seconds plug the power cord into a power socket.
  • Now, connect all devices again to the nebula soundbar and turn on the soundbar from the remote control or pressing the power button.
  • Your nebula soundbar is reset to its factory default settings and you have overcome the issue.


Resetting the nebula soundbar can be done in a few moments. This is the best way to solve the problem when your nebula soundbar crashes. If everything is normal, you can change the settings as needed. Connect your device again, relax and enjoy the audio sound of the nebula soundbar!