How to reset Ruko U11 GPS Drone?

Before we know that how to reset Ruko U11 GPS drone. We will know the reasons for which resetting is needed.
While controlling the drone, it is common for us that sometimes we are unable to control the drone properly and it leads the drone to get hit with something or get smacked. It also gets crashed, gets wrecked which creates some problems in our drone. These problems may be of some balancing issue, functioning issue, etc. So, by resetting it, the drone will configure its settings automatically same as the new one.

Reset U11 GPS Drone

In this article, we will know about how to reset Ruko U11 GPS Drone if it is also not functioning as per your expectation due to some accident or technical issues.

Now, to reset a drone we must have a computer or laptop without that we will not be able to reset it.
So, follow the below procedure if you want to reset Ruko U11 GPS Drone:

  • In starting the process first, we will download the assistant app of “Ruko U11 GPS Drone”.
  • Then we will install this app on our computer or laptop.
  • Now, to connect the drone to the computer we will need two USB cables.
  • In the rear of the drone, we will connect one of the cables.
  • After that, we will connect the other one to the laptop/computer.
  • BY doing so, our drone will get connected to the assistant app.
  • Now we will open the assistant app. When the app will open, we will click on the option of connected device.
  • Then we will select the device which is “Ruko U11 GPS”.
  • Now we will get an option to reset the drone as “restore factory default”.
  • We will select that option and the process will start.

Note: never close the application and disconnect the device while the process of resetting is going on.