reset Samsung galaxy a32

reset Samsung galaxy a32

You will find that there are many reasons for problems with the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. Before taking any measures to solve the problem, the first thing you need to do is to determine the cause of the problem. To find a problem in Samsung galaxy A32 5g is not hard. Rather, you are not a technician you can find the trouble.
So, common problem is that by mistake you have self-locked your phone or forgot the password. Now, to unlock the phone you have to reset Samsung galaxy A32 5G phone. Sometimes, to solve the software problem you can reset the phone so that you can remove malware and viruses from the smartphone.

Factory reset Samsung galaxy A32 5G

It happens that you have installed apps or software from the unsecured resources and due to that virus entered into your Samsung device. To remove this virus, restore your phone to its original settings is the last solution. So, here is some secret code that you need to dial to reset the whole smartphone.

  • First, open the dial menu or call menu of your phone which you see on the home screen with green colour and call icon.
  • now, enter *#*#7780#*#* this code on the dial screen and dial it. It will erase all the mobile data.
  • So, maybe you will not lose all the settings.
  • After restarting check that your Samsung Galaxy A32 5g is working fine or not.
  • If, still it does not work then open the dial menu again and dial *2767*3855# this code. It will hard reset your Samsung galaxy A32 5g and erase all settings with the internal data.

When you will dial the code, it will start to reset your phone and reboot it.

Factory reset Samsung galaxy A32 5G with Android multi-tools

Android multi-tools is third-party software that allows you to factory reset any Android phone even though if you forgot the password of your phone. It has some features to reset the Gmail account, password of your phone, gesture lock, or screen lock of your phone.
Before you follow the below steps take a backup of the stored data otherwise you will not get back it.

  • Turn on your computer device.
  • However, you are using any operating system, download the Android multi-tools software version according to your OS from the internet.
  • Now, install the software on your computer, and when it will be completed open it.
  • Now, take a USB cable. If you don’t have a USB cable then you can also use your device’s charging cable and connect your Samsung galaxy A32 with the computer device.
  • Now, to enable the USB debugging option on your smartphone, navigate to the Settings menu. Now, scroll down at the bottom and choose Developers Option. If you have not enabled the developer option on your phone then first enable it. In, the developer options menu, toggle on the USB Debugging option.
  • When you see boot mode on the mobile screen then select number 5 and hit the enter button to reset the Samsung phone.
  • To reset only the Gmail account select Number 4 instead of 5 and hit enter.
  • For Removing face or gesture lock you can select Number 3.