reset Samsung galaxy a72

How to reset Samsung galaxy a72

This guide will teach you to reset the Samsung galaxy a72. If you find issues in the Samsung galaxy a72 and want to reset it, focus on the below guide and perform each step wisely.
When you find a command problem on your device, you don’t need to hard reset it. You can simply do a soft reset and overcome the problem. Soft reset means simply power off your smartphone and wait for 30 seconds so that the power cycle can be reset. Now, turn on it again and check you have solved the issue or not. However, without problem, you should reboot any device regularly which can help you to clean the memory.
We have another option of hard reset or factory reset if a soft reset doesn’t work fine. In the below section, steps given to factory reset Samsung galaxy a72.

Factory reset Samsung galaxy a72

You don’t need to perform a factory reset operation every time but when your phone damaged, is crashing every while then you can go for it. Before you start the process of hard reset don’t forget to take the backup because it will erase all the data in including settings, passwords, media, apps, contact, etc. from your smartphone.
If you are not getting the system update, it will help you to update your system. It makes the memory of the mobile device fresh and cleans it. So, the worst data will be removed by it and your phone becomes faster. For factory reset any device, the recovery method is the best one. It allows you to reset your phone in every situation even though if you forgot the password or your phone is frozen.

  • Power off the Samsung galaxy a72 using the power button if it is on.
  • If your phone is unresponsive then you will face difficulty switching off your phone. In this case, you have to press the volume down + power button quickly and together.
  • Now, you have to start the Samsung galaxy a72 in the recovery mode by pressing the power key + volume up button together.
  • When the logo of the Samsung appears on the screen, it means you entered in the recovery mode let go of both the button.
  • Choose to wipe data/ factory reset option on the screen of Samsung device and enter into that. Here, to move up you can use the volume up button, and to move down you can use the volume down button. After selecting an option, when you press the power button, you will enter into that option.
  • select and enter into the factory data reset option.
  • Using the power key and volume key select the reboot system now option.
  • when you see a popup on the screen for confirmation then conform it by pressing on the appropriate option.

Summing up thoughts

The above method leads you to data reset your Samsung a72 smartphone device. If you have taken the backup of the all-important data from the device before resetting it, then you can restore it now and you can continue the use of the device with better performance.