reset Samsung galaxy m42 5g

How to reset Samsung galaxy m42 5g

There are many reasons to reset Samsung galaxy m42 5G smartphone. You can perform it to resolve the frozen screen, speed up your smartphone and bypass the screen lock if you forgot it or you don’t know the lock in some cases such that you have bought the old phone. It will also remove software application errors and speed up your device. The reset process is very useful when malware or virus has entered your device.

Soft reset Samsung galaxy m42 5g

When your device’s internal storage becomes full with the cache and worst data then you can soft reset. So, it will automatically clear all cache data and your device’s speed and performance will increase. The below steps will help you to soft reset the Samsung galaxy m42 5g.

  • First, take a look at the battery percentage of your mobile device which should be more than 20%. if you find a very low battery percentage then take a moment to charge your device.
  • Now, simply bear down and hold the Volume – + Side button for 7 to 8 seconds.
  • Make sure you are still holding both two buttons until you feel the vibration from the device and see the Samsung logo on the screen of a smartphone. Now, you can let go of both the button.
  • It will start your device rebooting and clear’s cache. When it restarts, check that your problem is solved or not.

Factory reset Samsung galaxy m42 5G

If the above simple steps are not affected the problem on your Samsung galaxy m42 5g device then you can hard reset it. We will perform the hard reset from the settings menu. So, you must remember the screen lock of your smartphone otherwise you can factory reset it using the side buttons.
Here, if you haven’t take a backup of the stored data then you should take it if you need that data in the future. Let’s look at the steps on how you can format your Samsung galaxy m42 5g phone.

  • Open the phone and enter the screen lock. On the quick access menu at any corner, you will find a small gear icon. Tap on it to enter into the settings menu.
  • Go to the general management option.
  • Here, tap on the reset button.
  • Simply click on the factory data reset option.
  • Here, on the screen, you will see the message by an android system which shows you a list of all things which will be removed when you continue with the process. It will remove all installed apps, media, all logged-in accounts such that google, amazon, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.
  • Again, tap on the reset and enter the password of your phone if it will ask you.
  • At the final step, select the delete all option and it will start the process.
  • After completion of the process, when you open the smartphone, you will feel that you have bought a new one.