reset throttle position sensor Mercedes

How to reset throttle position sensor Mercedes

When your Mercedes has an engine problem, it may be difficult to locate for common users. However, a mechanic person can find it easily. In the engine of the Mercedes car, a lot of non-identical parts and components such as the system, work together to ensure smooth acceleration for the Mercedes car. If you feel that the throttle body has some problem and facing some idea issues with the acceleration of the Mercedes car then check these below steps to determine the real problem. Either, you can reset throttle position sensor Mercedes or change it if needed.
Generally, when you drive a car normally then any problem doesn’t occur. But when you try to accelerate the car quickly and stepping on the acceleration peddle completely, the engine may be stops working and your car speed drops to zero. However, this issue can be solved by restarting the car but in some scenarios, you have to replace the faulty sensor.
Here, we have given a guide to troubleshoot with the Mercedes throttle position sensor and solve it.

Symptoms of the throttle position sensor failure

Generally, When your Mercedes car doesn’t run normally, you should check the engine or throttle body. There are some symptoms that tell you about the throttle position system failure. When you find that, your Mercedes doesn’t accelerate ideally when you step on the accelerator paddle. Sometimes engine light remains on due to sensor failure. Also, it gives low mileage when the engine has some serious problem. When it takes more time than normal to accelerate, you should check the throttle body or sensor once and try to resolve it.
Don’t worry, we have written on how to fix throttle position sensor failure. So, in the below section, you can read full solution for this irritating problem.

Method to reset Throttle position sensor mercedes

Your first step towards fixing the throttle position sensor is that reset it. If the reset process doesn’t work fine, it means the throttle position sensor is failed ad you need to change it.

  • Simply turn on the key of the Mercedes car but don’t start the car. Simply perform power start.
  • Now, step on the gas paddle for 5 to 7 seconds and hold it. Before you release the gas paddle perform the next step.
  • Turn off the key but don’t remove the key from the ignition. Now, you can let go of the gas peddle.
  • Remove the key from the ignition of the Mercedes and wait for a minute. Next, after one to two minutes, you can start the car and start driving if it works fine otherwise you have to change the throttle position sensor.

This reset process will help you to reset the sensor to its default settings. So, it will help you solve the problem of acceleration of your Mercedes car.