How to Reset Ubiquiti UniFi nanoHD Compact

In this article you will learn to reset Ubiquiti UniFi nanoHD Compact.
There are multiple methods through which we can reset UniFi nanoHD Compact. Below you will read about the two such methods which are very easy and most commonly used:

With Reset Button

We can reset the UniFi nanoHD Compact with the help of the reset button which is provided on the device. How? Just read the process given below-

  • We have to first find the button which is known as “reset” button. It is available on the back of our device near the ethernet port.
  • After locating that button, we have to take a pin which is thin or a metal object to press the “reset” button which is inside the hole of that device.
  • Now we have to hold the button and press it for few seconds till the light of UniFi nanoHD compact will turn off. (make sure that you are not using too much pressure while pressing the button)
  • While doing so you don’t have to disconnect the device from the connection.
  • When the LED light will glow again, you have to release the button. After this the process is completed.

Factory reset of UniFi nanoHD Compact with the controller:

  • We have to visit the device page first.
  • Then we have to select the UniFi which we want to reset.
  • Now after selecting, we will move to the “properties” window.
  • In “properties” we have to select the tab “configuration”.
  • Now after opening that we will select the option of “manage device”.
  • Then we have to click on the “forget” button.
  • After that our all history and configuration will automatically get deleted.
  • The process to reset Ubiquiti UniFi nanoHD Compact will get completed.