How to reset us traveler luggage lock

Although there are lots of ways to protect your luggage before departure, the only way to ensure that your suitcase will not be opened during the inspection is to use a luggage lock. Us traveler luggage locks are easy to use, but you need to know your current password to reset them.
If you have never combined the password to us traveler luggage lock, this may be a bit complicated for you people. However, the working principle of most padlocks is the same using the reset button.
At the beneath, in this guide, we have tried to teach you how you can reset us traveler luggage lock.

How to Reset us traveler luggage lock

To reset us traveler luggage lock you have to follow below 4 to 5 steps very easy process.

  • Make sure you remembered the current combination of the digits to reset us traveler luggage lock. Now, on the lock of the briefcase turn the three wheels and set the current combination of digits so that you can open the luggage.
  • Before this, if you have not set the combination then you can simply set the three zeros (0-0-0) using wheels and open the luggage. Three zeros are the default combination for us traveler luggage lock.
  • Now, Locate the reset button on or backside of the lock and press it. You have to find the reset button carefully because it is a very compact thing. To press the reset button you can use any small or compact thing if you are not able to press it by your hand.
  • While holding the reset button on the lock, rotate the three wheels to set a new digit combination as a new password, and no you can release the reset button.
  • Now, you can use a new combination for us traveler luggage lock which you have set while holding the reset button.

how to reset ISS of death luggage lock

mainly all luggage lock comes with the same configuration. There can be some exceptions. You can reset every luggage lock by pressing the reset button which you find on the side of the lock or backside. You have to press and hold that button and set the new combinations. If you need detailed instructions then given on the above method. The process is the totally same as us luggage travelers but you have to locate the reset button only.