How to reset Valor rank d2

Valor rank is the scoring system in Destiny 2 that is directly related to most Crucibles at the moment. Among the various game modes provided in the Crucible, few provide levels of glory. However, the good news is that earning levels through more competitive PvP products will also earn you valor rank.
But once you reach a certain valor rank (approximately 2100 points), you can no longer improve your valor rank and reach the highest level. So what? How do you do to reset valor rank d2? Fortunately, this is very simple.
The only answer is to reset the level. If you are not able to reset valor rank d2, look no further. This tutorial will help you to pass through this problem.

What you can get if you reset valor rank d2?

If you’re interested in Valor level to reset rewards, you may be happy or disappointed to know what they are, depending on what you’re pursuing in Destiny 2. For starters, a full Valor level reset will earn you beautiful gear (randomly shifted, of course), usually equal to your max light level.
Valor rank reset is also related to many tasks and victories in the game. So if you are pursuing a victory or mission, make sure you are on the right step of the mission or understand the meaning of victory before resetting that valor rank d2.

How to reset valor rank d2?

After reaching 2000 Valor points, you need to reset your Valor level. However, You can reset this as many times as you want or according to your need. If you reach 2000 Valor points again then repeat the same process to reset Valor rank d2.

  • First, you have to go into orbit and need to open the map.
  • Now, Go over the “Crucible” option and select it simply.
  • When you will hover your cursor over any game mode which is available on the screen, You’ll see a small window showing your Valor rank.
  • Now, you will show a button to reset your Valor rank. (Make sure you have 2000 Valor points otherwise you cannot see the button to reset Valor points.)
  • Finally, to reset the Valor rank press the “Reset” button.

So, your Valor rank is reset. When you reach 2000 Valor points repeat the above steps or instructions again so that you can reset them.


As high as your Valor rank, the more rewards you will get. All rewards you get from Lord Shaxx are based on level. Some rewards are even tied to the number of times you perform a Rank Reset.
Each time you increase your bravery level, you will get a Crucible Mark, which you must crack with a password system. Only then will the inner reward be yours. In addition to obtaining powerful weapons, there are also tasks and victories related to level recovery. After the end of the season, your value level will be reset by default. There is no way to bypass it because the new season has its own rewards.