Reset Xbox 360 controller

Reset Xbox 360 controller

When you are playing games on your Xbox 360 and due to some problems, it starts getting hanged, not working properly as it was working before and also you experience that it is working very slow. Then you want to repair it but due to some problem you do not want to go to the service center or repairing shop. All of these issues can be solved of yours by just doing one thing is to reset Xbox 360 controller.

But, one thing should be clear in your mind that when you will reset Xbox 360 controller, after that it will automatically remove all the content you have previously saved to your console. It will also do many changes in your setting and make it like as it was when you first purchased this gaming console.
Also, resetting of your Xbox 360 will be a good option for you when you want to give it to any other person or whether you want to sell it. Because it will remove all the data and make the console as a new one not from outside but from inside.

Now to reset Xbox 360 you can simply do this by formatting the hard drive of the console.

Lets learn about how to do it:

  • When you will open Xbox 360 dashboard screen you will see the option for “setting”. You will select this option.
  • After selecting that option, you will select “system” option.
  • Once you will open system setting the second option will be of “storage”. Just select that storage option.
  • Now you see the option for “memory unit” at first you have to select that.
  • Now you will have two option second one will be for “format”.
  • Just select the format xbox 360 option and then you will get a prompt of warning just confirm that by clicking “yes”.
  • When all these processes will over the Xbox 360 will restart and resetting will finish.

how to reset Xbox 360 controllers?

Just follow the given steps where you will know about the full process of x box 360 controllers reset:

  • First you have to find the button which is used for opening the “menu”. It is in the middle of your Xbox controller.
  • Just by pressing the menu button you will get a guide.
  • Now you will need to sign out from the Xbox profile. To do this just press the “X” button which is located in the controller’s right side.
  • Now you will see a new window where to sign out from that window you will need to select yes. Then you will be signed out from the live profile.
  • Now you will have to hold the menu button till you will see a new window.
  • From there you can switch off the controller of your Xbox 360.
  • Now again we will press the “menu” button which is located at the center of the controller. When the light will appear the Xbox 360 controller will complete the process of resetting.

The reset process is complete and if you want Xbox game bar reset process then you can find it here.