TCL soundbar stuck on standby

TCL soundbar stuck on standby

Troubleshooting the TCL soundbar is a tricky task. Most soundbars have minimal controls, and no screen which can tell you what is wrong issues happening with the soundbar, and the TCL soundbar is also one of them. Therefore, troubleshooting a TCL soundbar usually requires a lot of trial and error. However, if you know that what you should try first can save you a lot of money with your precious time.

Most TCL Soundbar problems are caused by incorrect wiring, equipment configuration, or poor physical circuitry. Most solutions are very simple, although they may take some time to fix. Due to various reasons, your soundbar may not work properly. Here, Beneath I have explained what is proper trouble in TCL soundbar.

TCL soundbar stuck on standby mode! Issue Explained

The TCL soundbar has a standby function. If it does not find a coming signal from the input source, it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes. Now, you have to reactivate the soundbar, and The different ways to activate the soundbar are shown below.

If the TCL soundbar enters standby mode due to overvoltage or power failure, simply push the button to connect the speakers again to the TCL soundbar. The TCL sound does not flicker or give any response of audio and the orange/white light is stable then you should try to increase or decrease the volume of the soundbar.

If the TCL soundbar enters standby mode due to a period of inactivity, just press the power button. Press the button to reconnect the speakers. If this does not work, please change the font and revert to the original font. This should solve the problem.
If any solution to reactivate your TCL soundbar not work, it means that your TCL soundbar stuck on stuck on standby mode.

Factory reset TCL soundbar

In this article, we have a proper solution to the above-explained problem. It is obvious that I don’t know why your TCL soundbar is stuck on the stand-by mode but I promise that this solution will work always. Maybe your TCL soundbar facing any software glitches or any other issues so it stuck in the stand-by mode.
 TCL soundbar

We will do the factory reset TCL soundbar so it will set your soundbar to its default or original settings and removes all the errors. It is obvious in the default settings means when you buy it you never get it with the glitches.

  • Before you perform the factory reset operation in the TCL soundbar refresh the power cycle of the TCL soundbar and try to sort out the problem.
  • We will factory reset the TCL soundbar when it is in standby mode. So, first, check that the front sidelight is blinking otherwise check the power connection of the TCL soundbar.
  • On the remote control of the TCL soundbar, you have to press and hold the Play or Pause or OK button for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Finally, wait until you will see a factory reset option. Again press the play or ok button on the remote control once to confirm the factory reset operation.
  • At the last, factory reset in TCL soundbar will complete it will reboot again and you can see LED light blinking and it will turn on properly.