What’s the issue my old Androids phone won’t sign in with Google?

Your Androids phone won’t sign in with Google? Want to know about the cause behind the reasons? Generally. It is caused due to no internet connection issue, maybe your Google won’t be compatible with your android, etc.

According to my scenario, Google will soon work with only the latest mobile phone devices. It seems to be like the latest policy of Google. The users would be updating their smartphone software.

In case, you are not updating your too old smartphone software then it will not enable phone carriers to supply the included data and files to their internal storage or mobile operating systems. It’s all done by Google due to manage all the data safely and it has changed all settings of your system whenever they want.

Thus, if your Android phone Google wishes to limit the capability of mobile carriers to deliver the OTA latest versions for Google, they have accomplished it. So, we are discussing some points below to troubleshoot the issue.

Connect your mobile phone with a stable connection to the internet

Won’t sign in with a Google Account? Don’t worry, just verify first your phone internet connection. Surely, it’s not connected with the internet connection. If you are using a repeater and it’s not transmitting to the internet with its proper limit then you might use re.nextbox.home to configure its settings.

Surely, it will transmit the internet again suitably with a perfect limit of internet. Connect the network in your old android system again. After this, let’s begin your Google account on your phone again. Try to sign in with your Persian details.

Apart from this, kindly ensure that your entering details which are asked by Google are correct and then walk through ahead. In case, you are not signed in again with your old mobile phone then you should follow the below-given points.

Check the details which are entered to sign in to your Google account

Instead of this, you have to verify the Google account sign-in details which are entered by you in the detail box. If any sign-in information is incorrect due to a typo or your mobile number is incorrect then your old Androids phone won’t sign in with Google.

Go back, if any mistake is done by you then sign it back. Click into the sign option and wait for a little bit. The Google sign-in page is manifesting on your Android phone screen. It will first ask you for a mobile number and then follow all the details. Follow the on-screen instructions to accomplish the process.

Ensure that it is successfully signed in with your old android phone. If the issue will persist, then you could follow the below-given points.

Disable the Google account two-step verification

You won’t sign in with Google through old android phones. Then, you should ensure, first of all, that your Google account two-step verification settings are enabled. If not then you will disable it first. You should use the following points to disable the Google account two-step verification.

  • First of all, connect your mobile phone with a precise connection to the internet.
  • If you have to enable the Google account two-step verification process. So, you have to disable it to resolve the error.
  • Go into the Google browser and then, click on Gmail.com.
  • After that, click on the sign-in option and then go into the sign-in & security option.
  • Then, turn off the 2-Step Verification and then save the settings.

Thus, apply these points and disable the Google account two-step verification. You could save it and sign in with Google again on your old android phone.

Remove the Google account and add in the old Androids phone that won’t sign in with Google

If your old Androids phone won’t sign in with your Google Account surely, it might likewise appear if your Google account has been an Android device desynchronized. After that, try to log in to your Google account again.

Go into the Google sign-in account through ANdroid phone. After this, first of all, click into the mobile phone box and enter your mobile number and enter the code which is prompted by you under the message box. Emulate the on-screen instructions and get back to access your Google account through an old android phone.