Why is the latest Windows 11 Not Working on my computer?

One of the essential parts of the computer is Windows. Through Windows, you can navigate the experience of your computer. You can directly go through the Windows on your using application without searching it anywhere on your computer. Apart from this, the windows button helps you to configure the settings of the computer, you can launch any application through this button. As per all the updated versions of Windows, it is too important for the computer. It is a most essential part of the computer that is almost available on all computers to operate it adequately, whether on your laptops too. It is the most prominent way which is used to directly launch a start menu on your computer.

You can use windows, especially for the navigation experience and operating your computer in a manner. Surely, your computer or laptop is not compatible with the version of Windows 11. In case, the Windows 11 system Windows 11 not working and does not respond while you are pressing it surely, it may be due to some configuration settings or another error. If you would like to resolve the issue in an easy way, then you could follow the here-given information about it in depth with perfect troubleshooting tips.

Steps to troubleshoot the Windows 11 Not Working on my computer

In case, Windows 11 not working on your computer, after an accumulative update from Microsoft through Windows 11. It might be unusable and unstable. Usually, there might be too many reasons to cause the issue. If you wish to resolve the issue, then you have to follow the below-mentioned points in a series.

1. Restart the power of your computer

After grabbing the latest version of Windows on your computer, it will restart automatically and you might also choose a specific time to restart it. Once in a while, the latest version of Windows is not working adequately on your computer. If it is updated then the version of windows is not installed fully on your computer. So, if you want to troubleshoot the Windows 11 Not Working on your computer then simply restart your computer. Following are the points to restarting your computer, it is such as;

  • First of all, click on the start menu or windows option on your computer.
  • After that, click with the mouse right button and then click on the Shut down or sign out option and then click Restart option.
  • While you are restarting your computer, you have to see an option that is showing before restarting it. It shows Windows is applying the update, if you want to apply it then click on the yes option and restart your computer device. You can use your computer again and make sure the issue has been resolved thereafter.
2. Reinstall Windows 11 on your computer

If Windows 11 Not Working on your computer then you have to go into the settings of your computer and then click on the system update option. Thereafter, you will have to reinstall it in case the version of the computer is not working adequately. Just, go into the computer Start menu and press Settings. After that, click on the Windows Update and check the Update history and then finally click on the Uninstall updates.

3. Check your network connection

Apart from this, another way to resolve your Windows 11 causing issue is to kindly check your network connection. If you have to use your Dlink router or any other system then upgrade its settings too. To configure the settings of the d’link device, you should use http //dlinkap.local on the browser, and let’s update its network settings. After that, Connect its network again to your computer. Then, update the WIndows 11 version again on your computer to enjoy the new features and work with a new technological updated system.

4. Run into your computer Windows Update Troubleshooter

If you would like to troubleshoot the issue of your windows system then you have to run your computer troubleshooter through the settings section. First of all, open your computer and then click on the Start option. Thereafter, choose Settings through the start menu and then click on the System option. Here on the screen, various options are available, just click on the Troubleshoot and then click on another troubleshooter. Click on the Run Windows Update Troubleshooter to fix the issue.