How to factory reset kindle fire paperwhite?

If we want to give our kindle fire paperwhite to someone as a gift or if we want to sell it then we just need to factory reset kindle fire paperwhite as it cleans the paperwhite. We also do this when we fail to troubleshoot the problem. So, we can reset fire paperwhite anytime.

In order to factory reset kindle fire paperwhite follow the given steps:

  • First of all just search for the settings option or tap on the menu where you will get that.
  • Then click on the “device option” after that, we will see the “reset device” option. Simply click on that option.
  • Following this step that we will see a warning where we will be given 2 options yes and no. If we want to reset kindle fire we will have to select the yes option. Otherwise, if click on the no option.
  • When our kindle fire paperwhite resets. We have to re-register our device and then we have to download our e-books for kindle.
  • We also need to retransfer our documents to kindle fire paperwhite.

How to factory reset kindle fire Oasis?

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